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Asian Adventure - January 19 2010

15 Sep 2009 Chris H said

Chris H
Anyone else on this tour?
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  • 27 Sep 2009 Smitts_09 said



    I’m on this tour. I tried to book the big indochina but it was already full so i’m doing this one now! Travelling alone and will probably be in Bangkok a few days before tour starts.

    Facebook: Kristen Smith – Winnipeg, MB, Canada

  • 2 Oct 2009 Smitts_09 said


    Yeah the flight will be pretty brutal but so worth it. I have some friends teaching english in Bangkok right now so I’ll be staying with them until the tour starts.
    Looking forward to it~

  • 4 Nov 2009 Graham said


    How’s it going Chris and Kristen,
    I’ll be there.

    I’ve got a bit of time off so I’m looking at starting in Bali then working my way through Singapore, Kuala Lumpur then Southern Thailand possibly stopping for a sailing tour (GAP Adventures) before the tour then about a week in Vietnam after the tour and hopefully as far as HongKong though I haven’t really started to look at the details and I’m a bit concerned about flying into Vancouver immediately prior to the Olympics.

    Graham from British Columbia

  • 4 Nov 2009 Chris H said

    Chris H

    Hey Graham, that sounds like a great trip. I was in Vietnam earlier this year so if you have any questions about it let me know.

  • 4 Nov 2009 patchie89 said


    Hi Graham, you may already realise, but be careful about which areas of southern thailand you plan visiting. The Australian government tells all Australians to avoid visiting that area and replan travel arrangements, the website lists a few provinces to avoid. Since you are not from Australia you probably can’t access this website, but you can try, its smarttraveller australian government or something similar. Your country may have its own travel government website advising u on what areas to visit.

  • 5 Nov 2009 Graham said


    Thanks Patchie,

    The Canadian Govt ( makes a few recommendations. Avoid all travel to Preah Vihear temple (Khao Phra Viharn in Thai) due to a border dispute with Cambodia. Avoid all travel to Southern provinces of Narathiwat, Pattani, Yala and Songkhla due to criminal and political violence. Avoid non-essential travel to border areas in the provinces of Tak and Mae Hong Son due to armed conflict in Burma.

    The province of concern are along the borders with Cambodia and Malaysia and aren’t on the route I’m looking at taking. According to wikipedia (which is never wrong) the temple under dispute is actually in Cambodia.

    Do you know how hard it is to get into mainland China from Vietnam? I was glancing at the visa requirements and it looks like a fairly big hastle for the time I’ve got to spend so I may have to just limit myself to Hong Kong on this trip. I’ll probably save mainland China for when I’ve got a bit more time.


  • 5 Nov 2009 Chris H said

    Chris H

    Hi Graham, as far as I’m aware it isn’t hard. The train that we took from Hanoi to Sapa went on to China if you didn’t get off at the Sapa stop and we had a look at the Vietnam / China boarder and it looked like any normal boarder crossing. That’s just what I’ve seen with my own eyes.

    I recommend asking people on the tripadvisor forums:…1-i8432-Vietnam.html

  • 16 Nov 2009 Smitts_09 said


    Hey guys,

    I just got the paperwork for the Laos & Cambodia visas. Does anyone know what hotels we will be staying in? On the application form it asks for a contact while in the country


  • 17 Nov 2009 Chris H said

    Chris H

    My travel agent told me that the visas can be done on the tour and I just need to bring 2 passport photos and the cash for them so I’m just going to do that.

    You get a sheet from Contiki which gives you all the details of the hotels but you don’t get that until about 3 weeks before the tour starts. I recommend contacting Contiki about it if you want to get the visas before you leave.

  • 23 Nov 2009 Bailey said


    Hey Kristen, Chris, Graham, Patchie,

    I’m going on this trip and I am a Contiki first timer! I’m super excited but am confused about how I’ll meet all of you when we get there! I’ll be traveling alone out of NY and I’m curious as to when I should book the flight considering it’s 19 hours to Bangkok.

    Any ideas?

    Facebook – Bailey Helene
    Gmail –

  • 23 Nov 2009 Smitts_09 said


    Thanks Chris, I got someone from contiki to send me a list of all the hotels so that I can have it done beforehand. Make sure you get the 2×2 photos..i got some passport photos and they were the wrong size for the visas so I have to go back again.

    Bailey- I’m departing a few days before the tour starts so that I can chill for a bit and get rid of some jet lag. I’m sure you can find some cheap accomodation and do some exploring if you arrive to Bangkok early.

  • 23 Nov 2009 Chris H said

    Chris H

    Hey Bailey, if you’re coming all the way from NY I strongly suggest you get there the day before the tour starts or before that (so the 18th or before). This will be my fourth Contiki tour and I can tell you that you definetly want to be well rested before the tour starts. They can be pretty intense in terms of the amount of stuff you do, though they do give you quite a bit of free time (but who wants to be sitting around when you’re on an overseas holiday like that?). And if you end up doing a bit of partying (like most people do) you won’t be sleeping all that much during the tour.

    In terms of how you meet us all, before you leave the US you’ll be given the name of the hotel that the tour starts so you just make your way there when you get to Bangkok and they have an orientation in the hotel lobby at around 6pm the day the tour starts (the 19th)

    8 weeks to go!

  • 24 Nov 2009 Chris H said

    Chris H

    Yeah I did the Vietnam Experience tour with the Sapa extension in April this year and it was excellent.

    If this tour is half as good as that one was I’ll be stoked!

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