July 18th Greek Isl..Want to book...First time travelling solo...anyone else going?

11 Jan 2008 MichelleNY asked

Also curious about contiki's reputation? Has anyone heard reviews outside Contiki's website?
  • 11 Jan 2008 KM said


    Hey Michelle,

    I’ve never traveled contiki, but i’ve heard only good things about them.

    I’m looking into the greek island hopping tour in may or june 08- i’m from ny too!

  • 12 Jan 2008 MichelleNY said


    Hey Kerrilyn, That’s cool ur from NY, where? I live on Long Island. So your def going in May-June? Do you know how this works, as far as booking rooms? Do you find a roomate then book? or do they find you one? What about flights? We book our own airfare to Greece right? I’m actually coming from Japan before Greece.

  • 12 Jan 2008 JOX said


    hey Michelle

    my name is Mina and i am from australia.. i have done 3 contikis upto now which 2 have been in the states and one in europe… i am doing the greek island hopping and also the spainish spree in aug this year. contiki is the way to go if u just want to get a taste of the country. U can share a room with someone which they do for u . if u are traveling with someone they will put u 2 together, which the cost is the same or u can get ur own room which the cost is about $500us dollars extra. u can book the airfare with contiki or u can do it urself… i do the airfares on my own. well i hope that has helped u a bit. if u need any questions answered just let me know…


  • 16 Jan 2008 Tamagotchi said


    hey there… I’m an aussie girl who is travelling to Europe for 4 months. I am definitely booking the Greek Island Tour as I will be by myself and I think it’s the best way to do it. Thinking early June, perhaps 7th?!

  • 20 Jan 2008 MichelleNY said


    Hey Explorer 1081235—-That’s great that your from Australia—Aussie’s are always a good time! I can only do the Greek Tour July 15th or 18th—because I’m doing Greece in between two other non-contiki trips. So if you change your mind and are interested in those dates let me know…Ideally I want to know someone that’s going on the tour before actually going—-i want to try to avoid what I heard in some other reviews—about being on a tour with people who are not really interested in solo travellers—-that would be a nightmare!
    So let me know -send a post or email me

  • 20 Jan 2008 MichelleNY said


    Mina—People don’t usually get solo rooms right? that kind of defeats the contiki purpose?
    What if you and your roomie dont exactly mesh well- can they change your room to a single in transit. So another words, after you leave the first hotel , you switch and get your own room for the second hotel…or is that arkward…

  • 20 Jan 2008 Tamagotchi said


    Thanks for the reply Michelle – unfortunately I head back end of July from Copenhagen so couldn’t do it so late. I’m sure you’ll find that someone will take you up on it. Other travellers not interested in solo’s… pppfffttt, I’ll make them interested!!

  • 20 Jan 2008 MichelleNY said


    That’s right pppffhht them…lol

  • 21 Jan 2008 JOX said


    hey Michelle… well there have been people on the tour that have had there own rooms cause they didn’t wanna share.well about not liking ur roommate well sometimes cahnge u… i had a big fight with my roomamte in the states last year and had to change rooms cause i wasa going to kill her… well the first contiki that i did in the states i meet a girl from here in the website and i wannted to share a room with her insted of the girl i was meant to be with, so i asked the 2 girls that we had been with and they changed… if there is a single room they can change u but sometimes u have to pay the differntce. u can only ask cause different tour people will say differnt… so where abouts in NY are u from… i will be in the states in may for a summer camp in philadlphia and then coming to NY around the 29th july… well i hope that i have helped u…


  • 21 Jan 2008 KM said

    Originally posted by MichelleNY:
    Hey Kerrilyn, That’s cool ur from NY, where? I live on Long Island. So your def going in May-June? Do you know how this works, as far as booking rooms? Do you find a roomate then book? or do they find you one? What about flights? We book our own airfare to Greece right? I’m actually coming from Japan before Greece.

    hey michelle,
    sorry about the delayed response, i was in Florida for the week.. I’m definitely booking for may or june, are you doing the same? I believe they book the rooms for you when you’re a solo traveler, which i am. You can book your own airfare, or they can book it for you. I’m looking into doing it myself. I living in rockland, right next to westchester actually. Let me know what date you are looking into and maybe i’ll do the same! Have a great time in Japan!!

  • 8 Feb 2008 Annette said


    Im actually from long island too!! I was thinking about going on this tour in may but wanted to spend more time in greece, is anyone going before hand?

  • 9 Feb 2008 Jess&Aleks said


    I just got back from a Euro Contiki and it was great, had a ball. There were quite a few solo travelers on our trip and they all got welcomed and were a huge part of the group really quickly. Each group is different I guess but I would say the good experiences would out weigh the negative. Im interested in doing the Island hopper but need time to save Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> will keep an eye on this forum.

  • 12 Feb 2008 MichelleNY said


    Hey Greek Island Travellers!! The little forum I got started here is definately exciting!!! Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->

    So I’m glad to see that most people seem to be doing GIH this summer. I’m still looking for a person to room with so if anyone changes their trip itinerary I am definately going to book July 18- 31st, 2008.

    JOX- I’m from Long Island, I live in Smithtown. Thanks so much for the rooming info. I actually think I def want to do a share with 3 people, just to have the opportunity to meet more people. July 29th-I’ll still be in Greece. Then I’m off to Amsterdam.

    Kerrilyn 18- Thanks for the advice. Yeah LI! I live in Smithtown. So I’m definately going to do the July 18th trip. Too bad were going different times =( Hope you had a good itme in Florida!

    BlueSand97- Thanks for the re-assurance! I’m at the point where I’m just going to do this and whatevers meant to be will be. No matter what this will be a learning experience.The only thing I’m a little skeptical about is…the length of time on the trip. What do you think, Is two weeks too long of a time for going solo? Congrats on the Grad Degree and what an amazing experience this will be for you and your boys! Oh yeah, What is the maximum people you can share a room with? Do you all use the same bathroom? What about safety, is your stuff overall safe?

    Annette, Jess and Aleks- I definately doing the July 18th 2008 trip. So let me know if you end up thinking about travelling then. I’m looking for a roomate and am holding off on booking to see if I can find someone first =)

    All in All—-YEAH NY!!! We should rename this the Strong Island Forum! That’s Right!! Keep me posted guys!

  • 6 Mar 2008 mike86 said



    i just booked this tour today but i think the actual date is july 19 – 31. im also doing the london to athens june 28 – july 18

    im from perth and travelling solo on contiki and then meeting up with friends in the greek islands

  • 6 Mar 2008 Tamagotchi said


    Hey Mike – good one…. a Perth boy?! I’m from Melbourne myself. Will be over in Europe for 4 months.. the Greek Island tour is one of the last places I’ll be heading. Very excited!!

  • 9 Mar 2008 Party Boi said


    Hey guys i am going island hopping from the 13th of July.

  • 27 Mar 2008 Explorer1094612 said


    Hi there – I’m booked on the July 16th – 28th GIH tour and can’t wait! I’m also travelling solo, Aussie girl but living in the UK.

  • 19 Jun 2008 CarolineNJ said


    Hi Michelle,

    My name is Caroline and I am from NJ and will be traveling alone as well on this trip! I am super excited and can’t wait! I hear Greece is amazing. Where in NY are you from? I work in NYC and Live in Hoboken NJ…

  • 22 Jun 2008 WestCoastMark said


    Hi everyone,

    I’m registered for the July 19th tour, but I think this is the same one… My flight comes in on the 18th and I was thinking of doing a little exploring before we meet up at the hotel. Anyone else getting to Athens earlier?

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