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Heli hike or Glacier hike?

7 Oct 2009 Pippa asked

What's the best one to do? Full on glacier walk or the flying fox option?
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  • 7 Oct 2009 ptooma said


    Heli Hike takes you higher and to the more pristine and white part of the glacier. As the adage goes, you get what you pay for.

    - Vic

  • 7 Oct 2009 Merri said


    I did the glacier walk and I would recommend it. But beware it can be very hard going – LOTS of steps and is very cold. The day I went we started off in torrential rain, which didn’t seem to bother the guides… it made it more adventurous! It’s definitely a one of a kind thing to do, probably something you’ll never get the chance to do again.

  • 15 Oct 2009 Pippa said


    Thanks guys, I’m still undecided, guess i’ll just see what everyone else is doing and choose when im there

  • 19 Oct 2009 Pippa said


    Thanks Kylie, think i’m just going to spend the money and do it, I’ll never do it again so it seems silly not to.

  • 19 Oct 2009 ShezL said


    Pippa, I’m totally with you there. i’m planning on forking out the couple of hundred to go on the helihike (weather permitting).

  • 26 Oct 2009 Kav said


    Heli hike for sure !!!!

    a. you get a helicopter ride – and the views of the entire glacier are amazing…. once-in-a-lifetime
    b. you get much better ice to walk around and look at…

    looking at pics of ppl who did the walk – they had ugly, brown ice, which didnt look good….

    just a little tip, if you do the heli-hike…. be prepared to get slightly wet…
    our guide was adventurous, and found these unbelievable ice caves to go in and under and slip and slide in them….
    if you do that, make sure you have warm, but more importantly dry clothes to wear after.

    when i first got on the ice, i was cold, so put on my sweatshirt…. but then rolled around in ice – so both layers got wet.

    recommend rolling around in tshirt, and then take it off (i’m a guy – so easier done), and have something dry to wear

  • 2 Feb 2010 Chachi said


    Hi Y’all, we’re doing the heli hike in a couple of weeks and wanted to know what clothes to take – do u need a ski jacket and pants, or am i picturing it all wrong?
    Advice moochly appreciated!

  • 3 Feb 2010 MelissafromCanada said


    After reading this I’m a little concerned about my camera. I’m doing the heli hike, is it really that slippery, and wet? I thought we were given special grip for our shoes?

  • 18 Mar 2010 Explorer1172241 said


    What is the difference in the Fox Glacier Heli that is $180 and Helihike “flying fox” that is $380? I’m not sure which one people are referring to when they say heli hike b/c these both seem to be that…

  • 18 Mar 2010 Explorer1172241 said


    thanks for explaining the difference. Is the hike fairly basic or do you need to be used to hiking? Were you able to get some great pictures?

  • 22 Mar 2010 coolyank75 said


    I would say that the hike is rather basic. You probably end up walking only a few kilometers. Most of the time is spent checking out the ice caves and crevasses. And yes, I was able to get some absolutely amazing photos.

  • 29 Jul 2010 leisioz said


    heli hike is a must, that way you get to see the best part of the glacier, but the weather can turn and it may get cancelled ours was almost but we made it but then had to run down the glacier to get to the helicopters as the weather turned bad quick , but is was so much fun

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