ultimate europe or european discovery?

21 Mar 2009 Josh asked

hey everyone, im just about to book one of these trips and not too sure which one is better,<BR><BR>The explorer doesn't last for as many days but covers an extra country while the ultimate one is vastly cheaper and lasts longer.<BR><BR>Anyone with any knowledge or experience help me out please?
  • 21 Mar 2009 cdm115 said


    The biggest 2 differences is the style of tour. The UE is a budget tour, meaning you’ll be staying at campsites and in hostels as opposed to hotels. There are several discussing about the differences. The other question is do you want to do the UE with the Egypt option – obviously not an option on the Explorer.

  • 23 Mar 2009 Josh said


    that’s true however i did change my tour to the UE and yes i do stay in both hostels and hotels at times but not campsites, as writtin in the itinerary. On the contrary the UE is more expensive then the explorer by over $800 funny enough.



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