the difference between see and visit

17 Aug 2007 beckyboo said

i was wondering if anyone could tell me the difference between see and visit. im doin the big apple explorer and la to the bay in 5 weeks and i have 2 spare days in ny and i dont want to not see something thinking we do it on the tour but only walk past it. <BR><BR>thanks bec
  • 18 Aug 2007 Davo said


    What part of the tour would you like to know more about???
    I have done both the wild western (la to the bay is part of this tour) and also the big apple explorer back in 05.
    On both tours we visted nearly all places listed and didnt just walk past them, like the parkes and grand canyon you will walk through them and then have spare time for a while and do your own thing. In the yoesomite ant park we hired bikes and rode all the way and at grand canyon we went for a walk down into the canyon it self (there are paths there but it really stuffs you becasue of the altitude there).
    As for LV you will get to go and watch the fremont street experience.
    If you get jen as your tour guide she will tell you what you can do and roughly how long it will take you to o it and which way you can go to get there…jusk ask as we wanted to go to the base ball in san fran and she arranged when we could do it and how much and even how to get tickets
    In Nyc matt levey is good he also tells you what u can go see and do in the spare time be it clubbing or going to see a stage ahow on broadway etc
    If you have any more questions just email me or post msg….

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