End of Tour

14 May 2008 richie83 said

hi :-)<BR><BR>I'm doing the Grand Southern from NY to LA on 20th Feb 09, and I've left 6 nights at the end of the tour to pretty much do whatever I want. What are some peoples recommendations? I don't mind flying to some other states. I'm really keen to check out:<BR><BR>-Chicago<BR>-San Francisco<BR>-San Diego<BR><BR>Also, if it helps, I'm 24 and I'm more into experiencing the culture of places rather than being touristy (although I don't mind seeing the sights!)<BR><BR>I'm also having two nights in NY prior to the trip, any recommendations on what to see? I'll probably do the typical Statue of Liberty, Empire State, etc etc, but throw some ideas out there :-)
  • 14 May 2008 Crawf33 said


    Well San Diego and San Francisco are going to be much more accessible than Chicago, being that you’re finishing on the west coast. And I’m guessing you’re flying back to Australia from LAX?

    I’ve been told that you’re wasting your time if you spend less than three days in SF, and it’s much the same with SD, so maybe halve your leftover time between them? If you tried to see Chicago as well you’d be losing a good chunk of time on travel to Chicago and back to LAX to fly home, and you wouldn’t be doing any of the cities justice by speeding through them.




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