What Clothes to Bring for the Formal Events

10 Apr 2007 TravelCanuck said

Hi there,<BR><BR>I read alot posts in the forum about what clothes to pack. for a guy, me too have the similar dilema, especially for these dressy clothes for formal events.<BR><BR>there are several formal occasions in my Ultimate European tour. I have a pair all white Cargo pants, a pair of jeans, a pair of all black khaki convertible pants (the one you zip off, it become the shorts). one polo shirt (short sleeve), and one pair of sneakers/Runners (adidas Bounce),all in one color,black. Do you think if I will be Ok to get in the Restaurant, Club/Bars, Shows or Casinos in Monaco<BR><BR>I want to pack as light as possible, so if it is not necessary, I do not want to bring a dress shirt/Pants and nice leather shoe to the trip. so I only use it for once or twice, and have to carry the extra load all the way in my trip. Please help, thanks alot.



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