Greek Island Hopping vs. Adventure

2 Jul 2013 CarolineSC asked


I'm trying to decide whether to do the Island Hopping tour at the end of Aug. or the Adventure and staying a couple of days after to wander to other islands. Does anyone have any advice?

  • 3 Jul 2013 Marky Mark said

    Marky Mark

    Hi Caroline,
    I have been recommended the Greek Island Hopping tour by a couple of people. I am booked on the 9th August tour and have spoken to a few of the people that will be on the tour. It really depends what you want to do on your holiday ? I am going to Europe for 2 months, so have plenty of time. The Greek Island Hopping tour is one of the more popular tours because you get 3 days in each place. Anyway hopes this helps you make up your mind.

  • 3 Jul 2013 RosyThomson said


    I just want you to decide it. Its all depends on your choice of interest and entertainment. If you like adventures and wandering in different islands you can go in this way..Island Hopping Tour is pretty famous tours. Wish you good luck. Enjoy.



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