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Australia in May/June

8 Aug 2006 brcpar said

I've been considering going on the Beaches and Reefs tour the end of May through the beginning of June. For this time of year, what type of clothing should I bring and what is weather traditionally like during this part of the year? Also, it seems that quite a few people recommend starting at Sydney and ending in Cairns. Is that the best way to go during this time of the year as well?
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  • 12 Aug 2006 Megsy1 said


    I’m on the same boat as you. Looking into heading out there May/June. Anyone out there have any advice on going out there May/June?

  • 13 Aug 2006 Cat1984 said



    Tricky question. Very tricky question.

    In Australia we tend to experience all 4 seasons in a day. We can wake up to ice covered cars that takes forever to defrost, have the sun out mid-morning without a breeze, reach 35C by lunchtime, develop gusts of icy-cold wind by the arvo and have a bad thunderstorm with rain and hail with the temperature plunging below 10C.

    Just because its summer/winter/autumn/spring doesn’t mean the weather is going to match that. You will be coming at the start of winter. ATM we are in the midst of a drought and have been for years. But that’s not to say that we don’t have flash flooding and cyclones tearing up the coast-line.

    Bring a variety of clothes to suit all weather. Layer up. Weather in OZ is pot-luck but generally the higher you go towards the top-end the warmer it will be.

  • 18 Aug 2006 Megsy1 said


    Thanks for the tips! We were trying to plan for April 07-but with school, we are leaning towards May/June. We don’t mind the chilly weather, but we wanted to see if it would still be a good time to visit and actually be able to do stuff.activities.


  • 19 Aug 2006 brcpar said


    Megsy, which dates were you looking at going? I have booked already for May 27-June 9 (Syd->Cairns).

  • 20 Aug 2006 Aussie Sunshine said


    I dont think you’ have any trouble with the weath in may/june if you are planning on the beaches and reef tour. Event hough may/june are traditionally the winter months for us aussies, you’ll find many of us fromthe southern parts (ie melbourne) head up north to escape out winters. Like it was said earlier, it can be a little chilly in the mornings, but if you get much rain you would be very unlucky, some showers yea, bit I dont think you’ll have much to worry about. Personally I owuld head from sydney to cairns as you are heading north and the weather should get warmer and more tropical the farther north you get. As for the four seasons in one day commentm dotn let that scare you, yes us melbournians pride ourselves on the fact that if you dont liket he weather, just wait and hour it will change, but as you get further north the weather stabilises itself a little better, so you should be fine.

    Pack 1 o2 sets of long trousers – jeans and the the like and a couple of jumpers, you shouldnt need much. my one warning though, as it can get quite humid in the lovely norther reaches of Australia any washing you do (underwear, t-shirts etc) in your room manynot dry overnight. I’d reccommend finding a dryer somewhere to use, they are never very expenseive

    hope that helps Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 21 Aug 2006 Megsy1 said


    Hey brcpar,

    We haven’t decided on the date yet, but your tour date is one that we’re considering, we (a group of 3) have to settle on a timeframe soon.


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