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Spending Money

4 Nov 2009 LISAngel said

Hi all <BR>I am booked on Grand Explorer Dec 27th and my question is how much spending money should i account for (roughly) i know everyone is different but just thought id get some sort of idea.<BR>Thanks<BR>Lisa
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  • 5 Nov 2009 ptooma said


    NZ can be $$$ depending on which optionals you take, more so than any other contiki destination (Euro/NA/Au).

    - Vic

  • 18 Nov 2009 Pippa said


    I budgeted $100 a day, some days you’ll spend it, others you won’t but I did the grand explorer and spent roughly £1400 but that didn’t include my optional extras.

  • 18 Nov 2009 ShezL said


    Lisa, I’m budgeting $100nz a day. If you look at it this way
    if you do all the optional dinners you need to find 8 dinners for yourself. Approximate $25 for these = $200
    Lunches: 15 of these @ Approx $15 = $225
    Souvenirs = I plan on spending $20 on each of my family members and at least $100 on myself = $320
    Drinks: 4 per night (60) @ $7 each = $420 (I’m thinking this is an overestimate cause I really don’t drink that much. =)

    Altogether = $1165 at least on spending money. That doesn’t include snacks, necessities etc.

    So $1500 nz should be enough (for me) for the trip = that works out to be about $100 a day. Thats roughly $1200 AU and I’m doing about $1000 AU optionals (I hope).

    =) I hope I’ve helped you out, or given you some clue.

  • 22 Nov 2009 Jodie said


    I took $5000NZ. Came home with just under $1000 and I did a lot of optionals. I didn’t drink a lot though.

  • 2 Dec 2009 Melly25 said


    I just did the Grand Explorer i spent about $3000. And thats doing a only a few optionals. If u do bungy, skydiving and alot of drinking i’d reccomend $5000 Red Face<!--graemlin::o-->)

  • 3 Dec 2009 ShezL said


    Melly25 – Is that $3000NZ, AUS or US?

    You didn’t do the optionals…. did you drink/go out a lot?

    Thanks for the advice!!! =D

  • 22 Dec 2009 Kim B. said

    Kim B.

    I spent about NZ$1,000 shopping. I did all of the optional dinners that were offered. When I did the walkabout dinners on my own, I spent about $50, incl drink and tip. Drinks at the pubs/bar are anywhere from $5 – $9. A lot of places offer Contiki specials. I never spent much on lunch, a sandwich or some snacks from 4 Square convenience stores (they’re everywhere!). And it depends what you do for optional activities. They cost between $24 – $300+. You have the option to pay with cash or credit card for those.

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