first time - solo traveller

27 Sep 2007 CaitlinM13 said

okay. so I'm doing the london/paris/rome your in november and I'm panicking a little. I have alot of questions.<BR>I would love it if someone could help me out.<BR>and sorry if any of these are repeats<BR><BR>1.)do we just bring our suitcases to all our locations? I read something about leaving luggage in the contiki basement and bringing overnight bags...<BR>2.) how much is recomended spending money for food. I'm alright with just a sandwich or whatever for lunch. and same with dinner. <BR>3.) exactly what kind of accomadation am I to expect?<BR>4.) how much luggage is recomended (i thought maybe 2 jeans, 3 or 4 shirts (includes fancy shirt), 1 skirt, 1 dress for night out, 3 shoes (walking, fancy, flip-flops), whatever required undergarments :P, some kind of coat (i'm assuming a wintercoat is a good plan. maybe my light jacket.) and some other things..) <BR>5.)how many optional excursions are there? are there more than the ones listed?<BR><BR>I can't think of any more questions right now. If I think anymore I might explode anyway haha<BR><BR>Thanks



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