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timeout vs concept

28 Jan 2008 Kayleigh L Degraw said

Kayleigh L Degraw
can any one shed any light on these topics or offer your insight....<BR>1. in Timeout the hotels are more centrally located to main city sites whereas in concept tours you normally stay just outside the cities in cabins ect. ( or in tents if you choose the camping tours.)<BR><BR>2. Concept tours can have multiple tours staying at one campsite at any given time so in my opinon you would meet more people but could have the possiblity of not getting very much sleep.i am not quite sure if Timeout tours are the same.<BR><BR>3. in Timeout tours you normally have your own facilities (washroom shower ect) or at least have to share it with 1-2 room mates (although i have read that hotel bellevue, mt pilatus only has one bathroom per floor!) where as concept tours run more like a campsite (that is what it is i guess) and you have to get in line for the shower or even pay for it and sometimes bring your own Toilet paper<BR><BR> concept tours you may have to help with preparing the meals and post clean up (i have read that this is only once or twice depending how big the tour is) i am not, however, sure if this is the same for Timeout...but i don't think it is. <BR><BR>5. i have read also that on concept tours the have alot of theme parties such as crossdressing night or or tight and bright. I have not come across any theme parties happening in timeout tours, but that is not to say that they do not happen.<BR><BR>6. i think the food may be better on Timeout tours( they tend to get 3 course meals where the concept tours only get two.....but what difference does a salad or two make)<BR><BR>and as for the age range on these tours...i have not really found any solid infomation on that...but overall i think the concept tours sound more fun.<BR><BR><BR>* this is only my assuptions and they are not very accurate
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