Eastern Med Cruising - Departing September 8, 2010

30 Jan 2010 scuba_Nikki said

Hello!<BR><BR>My name is Nikki,I'm 27 and I'm from Ontario, Canada. I just booked myself on the Eastern Mediteranean Cruising tour, departing September 8, 2010. I'm leaving one day early to get some extra sightseeing in Athens. <BR><BR>I'm hoping to get acquainted with some other people who are also going on this tour. <BR><BR>Can't wait!<BR><BR>Nikki
  • 29 Jul 2010 Explorer1200395 said


    thanks KateNY!!! i cant wait to meet all of you guys

  • 31 Jul 2010 Explorer1200762 said


    Glad to see a few of us will be staying an extra day in Athens for some additional sightseeing! I went to Facebook a couple of days ago and requested to be a member of the Group that was made for our trip. Havent received a response yet. Can anyone help me? Thanks Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 31 Jul 2010 Lena said


    Hey James,
    I just checked the Facebook group and you’ve already been approved. Maybe you didn’t get a notification email, but you should be able to access the page now. See ya there!

  • 1 Aug 2010 Explorer4421970 said


    Yeah my flight has a stopover in Philly on the 8th. Flight for Athens departs around 4p right..

  • 16 Aug 2010 Explorer1150463 said



    Just want a bit of advice. My best friend and I are planning a trip overseas for our 30 birthdays. Between the greece/turkey/ cruise tour (think its called the meditaranean tour) or Croatia or Egypt, what would be the best?

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