Winter Wanderer Dec 08

4 Jan 2008 krissy said

hi<BR>just wondering if anyone is thinking about this tour in dec 08 / jan 09. i will be booking on this tour, with new years in the french riviera.<BR>krissy
  • 6 Jan 2008 jennababe27 said


    Hi krissy!!

    My friend and i have booked our Winter Wanderer tour for December 10th 2008 Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->
    Christmas in Vienna and New Years Eve in Amsterdam Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->
    Gonna have the best time ever!


  • 6 Jan 2008 Hannah said


    Hi Krissy n Jenna!

    I’m also booked on the December 10th trip around Europe! im so excited i’ll be travelling by myself and i cant wait!


  • 7 Jan 2008 jennababe27 said


    WOOH Hannah thats great Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->
    So where abouts are you from? Do you know anyone else thats booked on our tour?

  • 8 Jan 2008 Nath said


    still in the early stages of planning, gotta get time off work etc, but i am strongly thinking about coming along for the same tour, sounds friggin fantastic hey?!

  • 9 Jan 2008 krissy said


    hi all,

    NYE in amsterdam sounds tempting.. am looking into getting my booking sorted now! Pity its so far away, but im sure its worth it!!

    i am in brisbane, australia – so hopefully there are more aussies are coming along!?

    is anyone planning on staying on after the tour ends for any further travelling? i am thinking of seeing a bit of Scotland / Ireland (depending on cash of course!) for a week or so afterwards..

    msn –

  • 9 Jan 2008 Hannah said


    im from gladstone in queensland.

    im so excited about going! i cant wait! im heading over the week before the tour leaves so i can do a bit of England. I haven’t heard of anyone else going on these dates but its so exciting!

  • 9 Jan 2008 jennababe27 said


    Both Tenille and I are from Perth in Aus Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    We’re using frequent flyer points.. got our flights booked already because those seats go really fast.
    We leave Perth on the 7th dec, arrive in tokyo japan for a 2 hour stop over and then to London from there.
    Then we’re spending 2 nights at the Royal National before our tour.
    Then we go on the contiki… arrive back from the contiki on the 2nd jan, and then we spend a further 4 nights at the Royal National Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->
    Thats all we’ve got booked so far… but we’re planning to catch the euro rail back to Paris and stay there for a week and go to EuroDisney Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    So how old is everyone? And Nath where abouts are you from?

  • 10 Jan 2008 Nath said


    im 23, from adelaide but living in darwin. i cant seem to get my posts to display my location…. ah well. hopefully i can organise it to leave in december, work can be a bit of a pain sometimes, not too flexible unfortunately!

  • 13 Jan 2008 jennababe27 said



    ok well if you’s wanna take a look.. my myspace is
    and my friend tenille’s is


  • 13 Jan 2008 Nath said

  • 14 Jan 2008 Nath said


    or add me to msn:

  • 14 Jan 2008 Hannah said



    Im 20 and my myspace is;

  • 28 Jan 2008 jennababe27 said



    ok ok so tenille and i are contemplating in stopping over in tokyo to go to the disneyland there… what you guys think of that?
    do u think its worth it?

    what other disneyland/world places are there that wecan go to? we know theres eurodisney but we dont really wanna go back to paris coz we’re already going there.


  • 29 Jan 2008 krissy said



    well i am all booked, i have convinced a mate of mine to come along, so now just counting down the months! Spending a few days after the tour in London, on the 4 night stay – then who knows!

    i have been to toyko disneyland – had a great time, spent all day from open to close there – the night parade is not to be missed! i was a little disappointed coz there werent alot of the characters etc that you expect wandering around the park, but it was still a great day. Expensive for photos/souvineers/food tho..

    krissy Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 29 Jan 2008 jennababe27 said


    ooooh yay Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> so exciting when its all booked.

    thanks for the info about tokyo.. sounds great.


  • 29 Jan 2008 Hannah said


    Hey Guys,

    Im stopping over in Hong Kong for a week before i head over to Europe… I know they have a disneyland or disney world there but ive never been so that’s not much help lol Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    Not long now

  • 31 Jan 2008 Michelle said


    So glad there’s others out there already planning Dec 08! Looking at leaving Nov 26th so we get back to London just before xmas…

    And Hogsmanay in Edinburgh for New Years – it looks amazing! Can’t wait to do a winter contiki, bring on the snowball fights and Christmas markets Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 31 Jan 2008 jennababe27 said



    im sooo looking forward to seeing snow again… its so much fun! and ive heard the christmas markets are fab!

  • 5 Feb 2008 Explorer1087949 said


    Hey everyone definately thinking about this one, New Years in Amsterdam, woot, who’s all going?

  • 8 Feb 2008 krissy said


    I am! Im in Brisbane, a mate and I are all booked – cant wait!



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