Shyness and going on a trip alone!

21 Jul 2006 Irishdreamer said

Hey,<br><BR>So my question(s) for you all is: How easy is it for a very shy person<BR>to fit in? See, I'm planning to go on the Great Britain/Southern<BR>Ireland trip soon and had originally planned to do it with a friend,<BR>whose also very shy. But I just found out last night that she's decided<BR>to save up for a house instead. I'm still going, alone mind you, but<BR>i'm going. The only thing stopping me from booking it right now is<BR>work. But anyway, back to the question. I have a hard time being<BR>comfortable around people until i get to know them (uber shy) and yeah<BR>i know, most suffer from it. Anyway, what's it like to go on a trip<BR>like this by yourself? Is it more fun with someone? Is it easier by<BR>yourself? And what's it like sharing a room with someone you just met?<BR>Advice much appreciated, thanks.<br>



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