what to pack!!!

8 Apr 2007 micky_j said

Hey everyone. Im planning on doing the Wild Western from June 13-25...I have read a discussion about what clothes to pack and im slightly confused! I will be travelling around the west coast of america 3 weeks after my tour, and am wondering on the amount of clothes i would have to pack...reading from a previous discussion seems to think to pack lightly, but i will be gone for nearly 5 weeks. any help would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Micky J
  • 9 Apr 2007 JBCali said


    The West Coast at the end June will be hot. Pack plenty of shorts, etc. If you will be near a coast or mountains, it will get cooler at night, so bring pants and a jacket. Most likely you won’t get very much rain.
    LA area will probably be somewhere in the low 80s (F), but if you are in Arizona/New Mexico, or any desert area for that matter, you can expect it to hit 100. HOT during the day. I suggest packing mainly for very warm weather, and bring just a few things for slightly cooler moments. Good luck!

  • 15 Apr 2007 kelbel106 said


    It is pretty easy to find a laundrymat to wash your clothes. They don’t cost that much money and your hotel should know where the closest one is. Make sure you pack a light coat, hoodie (sweatshirt) or a long sleeve shirt for night time becuase it does get cold



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