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grand southern

25 Oct 2007 Krimajisty said

Hi Im thinking about going on the GS Tour next year in june july 08, just a few questions:<BR><BR>1: Im thinking about bringing my brother with me who is 28 and has never been overseas, just wondering what is the average age of people that go, I dont want to bring him if he'll feel like the "oldie" of the group, though I am sure there will be people of a similar age<BR><BR>2: How many people go on each trip, like how many per tour?<BR><BR>3: I will have about 2 weeks extra time in the US, 1 week before the trip starts and 1 week after, so I was thinking about staying in LA before hand and NYC after, but just wanted to know about distances between places and where would be good to go, as San Francisco is not included in this tour is it worth making the trip there? And how far is it from say disneyland to downtown LA? Which is better Disney world or Disney Land? I have heard a few people talk about shopping, where is good to go? is Fashion Outlet worth going to? And the day trip to mexico?<BR><BR>4: I know this may sound silly but I want the American experience eg going to a sports game like the basketball or baseball, when do the seasons start for these games, and am I totally dreaming of ever getting tickets?<BR><BR>Ok well I think thats enough questions for now, thanks for your time, any reply would be much appreciated, also is there anyone else who is thinking of going on this tour at the same time?
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  • 25 Oct 2007 Rachel Allen said

    Rachel Allen


    I am booked on the 31st May 2008 Grand Southern Tour. Also doing the Grand Northern before hand.

    What dates were you looking at??

  • 25 Oct 2007 Krimajisty said


    Hello, Im thinking about GS tour starting on the 28th of June O8, is this a good time of year to go?

  • 25 Oct 2007 Pervy said


    Hi, I can help out with the baseball question. Season starts in April and goes till October. You shouldn’t have trouble getting tickets. Try as they sell tickets for the teams there.Just pay for them online and then pick them up at the stadium on game day. I have also found that there should usually be a game on in a city with two teams such as New York, LA (the Angles stadium is close to Disneyland in Anaheim) San Francisco. I also think there is a chance to go to a game in Texas while on tour, but it would only be if there is a game on while you are there. I did the Grand Norhtern this year and saw games in New York(mets) Boston vs Yankees in Boston. I paid $140US for tickets to that game which I found on the net. Also saw the Cubs play in Chicago.

    After the Northern myself and 4 friends rented a car and drove to San Diego Zoo and then down to Tijuana. We parked the car on the US side and walked across the border into Mexico. Very easy if you don’t mind driving and it didn’t cost lots.

    I found the outlet shopping in Vegas to be good and your tour guide should tell you about it when you get there.

    There were about 50 people on our Northern and we had people on that tour who had just done the Southern who said the numbers were about the same.

    Don’t worry about your brothers age, I was 34 on the Northern and ther were people my age and older plus, a group of 25-30 year olds plus quite a few early 20s.

    I went to San Fran before my tour and I loved the place, very cold but nice. We had people after our tour finished fly up and it cost them less than it cost to get the train up.

    Hope this helps.

  • 26 Oct 2007 Kristi said


    San Francisco is worth the trip if you have the time. Best to fly there. Right now they are advertising for about $80 round trip so it is generally not too expensive to get there. Getting tickets to baseball games is MUCH easier than getting tickets to basketball or football b/c they play many more games. It is also much cheaper to go to a baseball game. Tickets are approx $20 or more depending on how good of seats you want. Disneyland is VERY close to Angels stadium (only a couple of miles) and I think the hotel you stay at in Anaheim is also close to both. June/July is going to be HOT in most places but should be a good time to travel. Anaheim to Downtown LA is about an hour drive. Tijuana is very interesting and I think it would be worth while if you have the time and have never been to Mexico. I prefer going to Rosarito but it is further away and would require an overnight stay. DO NOT drive across the border though (as Pervy said). They drive crazy over there and will try and ticket you for doing nothing wrong.

  • 26 Oct 2007 Pervy said


    Oh yeah, don’t let the $140 a ticket for the baseball put you off, it was only because it was yankees/redsox at fenway. I paid $11 for Mets tickets, about $26 for San Fran and $15 in Chicago. It was also very easy to get to Shea Stadium (Mets) and Yankkee stadium in new York by the subway.
    If you don’t want to rent a car there are some tours that will take you down to San Diego and into Tijuana.

  • 27 Oct 2007 Krimajisty said


    Thanks heaps for all the advice, its all very useful, one more question though, as I plan to be there from june through to july I will be there for 4th of July, does everywhere in the US celebrate it? Are there any places better than the other to be during this time? Thanks Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 27 Oct 2007 Kristi said


    Anywhere in the US that you are will be celebrating the 4th!! If you are going to be in cali then some of the places I enjoy are baseball games, disneyland, and the beach. All will have great fireworks displays. I particularly love the beach which is packed full of people and just a fun and relaxing day. I would recommend any of the above for you also b/c these are things you would want to do in cali anyways. Just know that if you chose Disneyland it will be REALLY packed and you might need 2 days there to get to do everything you want (especially if you have never been before). But the fireworks display is amazing

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