Anyone thinking or is doing the Beaches and Reef

20 Jul 2013 Gerardo asked


I am thinking of doing Australia Beaches and Reefs that starts in Sydney and ends in Cairns. I'm thinking of booking the departure on Jan 2nd 2014. Anyone else doing it? It's not a definite departure date, so if there is not enough people booked it wont depart.

  • 23 Jul 2013 Tempest11 said


    Hi, i’m doing the one that starts on the 5th Jan

  • 23 Jul 2013 Gerardo said


    Awesome! In hoping that it does fill up. If they don’t get at least 25 people booked they will not have that departure date anymore.

  • 19 Oct 2013 Ellen said


    I’m also booked onto the one that departs 5th Jan. It better depart!!

  • 7 Nov 2013 Gerardo said


    It’s official! Departure date for Australia Beaches and Reefs starting in Sydney is a definite departure!!!!! Get the sunblock and swim trunks ready!

  • 14 Nov 2013 xSamx said


    Are you doing the one with sailing on 2nd jan? I’m booked up on that!!! :)

  • 15 Nov 2013 Gerardo said


    Yes, that is the one that I am doing, but I am doing it without sailing.

  • 22 Nov 2013 Robinsm13 said


    Iv booked on the one that departs on the 26th. Cant seem to find anyone on this tour. Hope mine is still running.

  • 26 Nov 2013 austin2013 said


    Very Interesting ! Can’t wait to have some fun adventure on this stunning beautiful beaches around Australia.

  • 19 Dec 2013 Gerardo said


    Is anyone going to be in Sydney on the 31st of December? I’ll be arriving in Sydney on the 31st of December, and wanted to know if anyone would like to get together before the tour starts.

  • 20 Dec 2013 Emms said


    Ah man I’ve just booked onto this but going on 1st March!! :)



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