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question about flight times

7 Aug 2006 dethfire said

I just booked my trip and flights with contiki. I'm going the sept22-oct9 encounter tour. I am confused though because they have me arriving at heathrow at 10am on sept23. Will I miss the tour!?!?<BR><BR>Also I depart from paris at 11:15am on the 9th. Will they get me to my flight on time?<BR><BR>thanks!!
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  • 7 Aug 2006 ptooma said


    I would think that after all these years Contiki would have their flights and tours in sync. And they do …

    The tour booklet considers days 1 & 2 as transportation days: and your tour doesn’t really begin until day 3.

    Also, the tour ends on Oct 9 … since you have an earlier flight, it means that you might miss out on breakfast and goodbyes with everyone since the bus is supposed to drop you off at the airport at 10 am … you may wanna get to the airport a little earlier.
    Depends on your TM & Driver on how early the group wishes to leave.

    - Vic

  • 7 Aug 2006 Cat1984 said


    You lucky people from the USA!!

    Here in Oz we book only for the tour days (ie no “travelling days” included). We must also arrange our own airfares and accommodation b4 and after the tour. Which means you are getting more London time than me and less stress.

    We have to pay for sleeping bags too.

    We must make our own way from the airport to Roydal National and back to the airport after the tour. How good would it be to be shuttled for free!!

    I didn’t think about London when i booked so i get there at 5.30am the day before the tour, meaning i have only 1 full day around London and my flight leaves after the tour at early arvo the day after it finishes.

    Meh I plan on making the most of it tho.

  • 7 Aug 2006 ptooma said


    Bayaney … nice sig Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 7 Aug 2006 Anthony Rielly said


    OMG thanks I never even thought of some of that stuff aye.

    Can you bring ya own sleeping bag?

  • 8 Aug 2006 Sarah Smiles said


    I think that Contiki adds on the “travel days” to trick us North American customers into thinking we have a longer tour than we really do. A lot of us do make our own arrangements for airfare and transport to and from airports – people who choose the “Fly and Tour” package have it all arranged by Contiki but it costs a lot more Roll Eyes<!--graemlin::rolleyes:--> Certainly would have been nice on my last tour to get a free shuttle from the airport in London – instead, I had to ride the Tube by myself at 10:30 at night!
    On my tour (Euro Vista) the whole coach went to the airport in Amsterdam on the last day and dropped off anyone who had a flight out of Amsterdam that morning and then the coach continued on to London with all of the people who choose to ride back to London.
    Ya, you can bring your own sleeping bag – it is not counted as part of your luggage, so does not get weighed with everything else on departure day. I would certainly want to bring my own sleeping bag if I was doing a Budget tour rather than borrow one from Contiki.
    Happy Travels!

  • 8 Aug 2006 Anthony Rielly said



    Thanks thats great to know, although yopu still have to have a sleeping bag for the concept tour too dont you?

    Im gonna book in a few extra days on either side of the tour in london just to make things a tad easier.

    Many thanks

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