Pre-book accommodation or just turn up?

16 Apr 2007 ~*Alex*~ asked

What is the best way to find accommodation? is it buy searcing on the internet, reading lonely planet books, or simply waiting until you get to your destination and asking then?<BR><BR>I'm trying to find accommodation in Calais, and it's really hard. the cheapest i found was $80 AUD for a single private room in a hostel. Should i book it so that i know i have somewhere guarenteed? Or should i just wait until Contiki gets back to Calais, and then find somewhere? <BR><BR>I was told that the cheap places don't advertise on the net cuz they can't afford it/ as a way to keep costs low...<BR><BR>Has anyone stayed in Calais? Any help would be great <img src="" alt="Smiler" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::)--> really don't want to be left with no accommodation and have to sleep in a bus shelter!!!



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