Questions on Greece

1 May 2009 Kat said

Hi<BR><BR>I'll be doing the Spotlight on Greece and the Greek Island Hopping Tours in a few weeks. I was just wondering what are some must-do/must-see activities to do that are not included in the tour (if you have any recommendations). Specific museums/sites/etc? I will have a whole day to myself when I arrive in Athens. My flight arrives in Athens at about 930AM, and the tour group doesn't meet until that evening. If you have any tips/recommendations on where to go, what to do, where to get some good affordable/cheap food when I'm wandering around Athens(as well as on the Greek Islands that will be visited on the Greek Island Hopping tour since we will be on our own for lunch and dinner some days), and also some fun spots to hit up in the evenings, that would be greatly appreciated. I know the tour manager could always answer these questions as well, but it be good to hear from folks that have gone on these tours or have visited greece.<BR><BR>Also is the water safe to drink? or do you recommend bottled water? Are the airport and metro in Athens difficult to figure out? are the signs at the airport only in Greek? Did you find it difficult to get around? Do many people speak english? I've been trying to learn some basic greek. OK that's enough questions for now. <BR><BR>Thank you in advance to those folks that may answer my questions. Take care.<BR><BR><BR>-kat



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