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19 May 2008 MikeEd said


Does anybody have any experiance with the public transport in Sicily? I'm living short term in Germany and the tranport here is amazing but I have my doubts about italy and espically Sicily.

I'm getting sent to the island in mid june and I'm trying to decide weather to use public transport or to hire a car. If I hire a car I get 50% discount. However I need to book within the next few days. The car will still cost me about €150 for the week so I'm trying to avoid it if possible (and the fact the cars are on the wrongs side of the road and itlian drivers have reputation Red Face)

  • 19 May 2008 PinaI said


    If public transport is anything like what you get in Rome (or any other big city) then you should be ok. If, instead, it is more like what you find in Calabria or Naples, you could be in real trouble!

    Is there anyway you can decide when you get there? Might be worth seeing if you can cope with what they have there and, if not, hire a car then. As you said, Italian drivers have a reputation and TRUST ME, it is well deserved…“we” are maniacs on the road!!

  • 20 May 2008 MikeEd said


    thanks PinaI

    Well it is more the cars on the other side of road that scares me Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->. Aucklanders are shocking drivers as well. But I can also do my own sightseeing too I guess.
    It is just if I hire a car now I save 50% on the cost. But I’m going to email the conference directors first.


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