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5 Aug 2007 emma042 asked

What's the guy/girl ratio on the NZ tours? <BR><BR>And what do people usually do for dinner? I mean do groups tend to get together for dinner somewhere, is it usually a cheap meal at the hotel or elsewhere else? I can imagine it could get quite expensive trying to find somewhere to eat at some locations?
  • 5 Aug 2007 Caffeine_fanatic said


    If you check on your tour documents, it should have either a (b) or a (d). B means breakfast is provided, D means dinner is provided. U get @ least 1 meal per day provided, usually breakfast but some of the optionals include meals which are great value. Having said that though, I can’t give you an exact figure for how much I spent on meals. Sorry.

    Really though, it’s up to you how much you spend. Otherwise, take snacks for the bus so you can order small. Speights Ale House in Christchurch is a must though! And it’s less than 2 mins from the hotel!


  • 9 Aug 2007 southernhighlander said


    also another must is the ducks d lux in christchurch i am from new zealand and that place has the best food.

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