Advice on European Highlights?

29 Oct 2008 Netopalis asked

Haldo, all,

I'm planning on taking the European Highlights trip this Summer, and I had a few questions before I book that I was hoping you could all help me answer.

1) I understand that we have to cook at certain locations - this isn't a problem for me, but would it be possible for me to request duty in one city rather than another, so that I have more time in the places that I'm particularly interested in seeing?

2) How much cash should I plan to spend while in europe, above the base cost of flight and the trip itself?

3) I was planning on taking a few extra days in London. Would it be easier for me to do this before the trip starts or at the end? Anybody have experience with doing this?

4) Any other advice for a first-time traveller? Anything I should know about before I go?

5) On the free day in Paris, is it possible to see both Versailles and the Louvre (at least the Mona Lisa and a few other highlights)? I know that the Louvre closes at 6, and I know that I can visit the Eiffel Tower and the Arc d' Triumph after hours.

Any help you could all give me would be appreciated!

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