Cost of ESTA??

7 May 2009 Lisa Wilkins asked

Lisa Wilkins
Do you have to pay to apply for an ESTA?<BR>I've been onto 2 websites which both charged completely different prices. I thought that it was free to visit the USA from the UK?<BR>Can anyone help?
  • 7 May 2009 Mos77 said


    No you don’t have to pay for an ESTA

    The website where i went to get mine from is

  • 8 May 2009 cdm115 said


    Are you looking at a sight that is “assisting you” in doing the forms – they will charge a fee.

  • 1 Jul 2009 Monnie said


    hey i did the ESTA for myself and my boyfriend the other week and it was really simple and didn’t cost a thing. i went through the smart traveller website (i’m an aussie).

  • 1 Jul 2009 Frances B said

    Frances B


    It’s definitely free and don’t use any of the sites that are charging!

    The site that Mos77 gave is the correct one – it takes about 2 minutes and you get your answer and visa instantly.

    Easy peasy and FREE!

    x Frances

  • 8 Aug 2009 Ando said


    I nearly fell for the same thing, mate. Scamming buggers!!!

    Definitely go to It’s the proper official site, is completely free & you’ll have approval with seconds of completing it. You can even edit it later if your hotel changes etc.



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