Winter Wanderer 2011-Advice and who is interested?

11 Jan 2010 Explorer1159415 asked

Hi all,<BR><BR>I'm a 21-year-old Aussie female planning an extensive overseas trip, I really want to start it off with a contiki so I can find my feet a bit. At this point I am doing it alone and was wondering who else was considering doing the tour.<BR><BR>Also any information both positive and negative would be appreciated I could only find one quite negative travelogue so good impressions would be great.<BR><BR>One more question, which month is best out of January-March. I was thinking March because it might be a touch warmer?<BR><BR>Thanks heaps, I find this site so helpful.
  • 19 Jan 2010 Staito (aus) said

    Staito (aus)

    im doing the winter wanderer on the 29 of jan 2011. cant wait!!!!
    at this stage im going it alone and after the tour backpack round europe for a year.
    a couple of my mates have done the same tour and said to was brillant and would do another contiki tour.

  • 24 Jan 2010 ryaneco said


    I’m looking at doing it either December 30th 2010 or January 5th 2011. I too only found one negative reivew but that guy sounded like a tool.

    I have done contiki in the US/Canada and had a fantastic time; so I don’t have any hesitations about jumping on a contiki in Europe. I have had 4 friends do contiki europe tours (not this one but others) and they only had good thigns to say about it.

  • 31 Jan 2010 laurenash said



    Im 18, Aus. Yeah i was thinking about doing the Winter Wanderer in March 2011, i know its ages away but works out well money making wise.

    best of luck.

  • 1 Feb 2010 wanderer said


    i’m thinking of going to this tour this march or maybe ill just wait till october.

  • 1 Feb 2010 Explorer1159415 said


    haha I also read that negative review. I am really hoping to go In March, I think and hope it will be a good time. I just need to save, that is by far the hardest part.
    I need to travel, so I guess I’ll have to stop buying sheos in favour of an awesome experience.
    Maybe I’ll see some of you in a year…gosh it sounds a while away haha

  • 1 Apr 2010 Courtney said


    Hi All! My friend and I are booking Winter Wanderer next week, pretty sure we are going with the tour that starts March 1. We also thought it would be the warmer of the cold months to go. Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 1 Apr 2010 Laurennnn said



    Im planning on doing this tour in december 2010 as well just havent decided on an exact date at this point. Cant decide where i want to spend new years. Im doing it solo, nervous but so excited.

    Any other solos?
    What is everybody else thinking for the date or have booked?

  • 3 Apr 2010 Ash212 said



    I’m booked on the 5th Jan ‘11 trip, and doing New Years in Paris before that begins. I’m going solo. Is anyone else doing that trip?

  • 13 Apr 2010 Jessica said


    Hi Explorer1159415 I to am a 21 year old Aussie female who is looking at doing a the Winter Wanderer for the XMAS/New Year. I am currently looking at travelling by myself. I was personally looking at the 18th Dec start where XMAS is in the French Riviera and New Year Eve is in Venice. (I have been told that the winter Dec/Jan is very nice, I just had a friend who returned from doing similar dates to the ones I suggested.)

    If you want to send me a message you are more than welcome to. I’ll be happy to talk to you if your interested.

    If anyone else wants to message me about this I’m happy to talk. This will be my first solo trip and whilst I’m nervous I’m also very excited. The solo part scares me but I have been told that Contiki is a good company to go with for a solo trip.


  • 14 Apr 2010 Danica Jane said


    Contiki is awesome if you are travelling by yourself. I did the USA a couple of years ago and made friends for life.

    I’m doing to Winter Wanderer on the 22nd January with one of the girls I made friends with on the USA tour.

    Good luck with your plans, I hope you have a great trip!

  • 22 Apr 2010 QueenBee said


    Hey jess,
    Im almost in the same boat as you!!
    but im 22. haha!
    I have been trying to think of a date and im thinking about going on the 30th Dec, new years in Paris. But can go earlier.
    Have u made any decisions yet?

  • 26 Apr 2010 brooklyn1989 said


    Hi Im booked March 1st 2011 Winter Wanderer, going with two other girls from Victoria. Anyone else doing this tour?

  • 16 May 2010 Georgie Elizabeth said


    Hi, Im 18 and also going solo, Ill be in europe from early december to late february so not sure which date I’d like to go but I’m thinking probably 22nd of Jan, anyone else thinking that date too?
    Sounds like a fair few people are going solo as well. It’s my first trip alone and I can’t wait, also pretty nervous about it too.

  • 16 May 2010 QueenBee said


    Come on the 26th!! Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> I’m booking this week, going with a mate, 2 females from melb, 23 n 24 on tour!! Where u from??

  • 16 May 2010 Matt said


    i just booked the 26th!! i was going to go on the 30th but it filled up too quick…. im going solo and turning 22 on tour (in rome i think). pretty nervous but cant wait either! Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 16 May 2010 QueenBee said


    Yay!! Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> it’s gonna be the best tour! U travelling before or after the tour??

  • 17 May 2010 Matt said


    im getting into london 2 days before,then following up this tour 2 week ski austria tour, and then another 5 days in london after that. and then possibly heading over to Belgium on my own to meet up with a friend. how about you??

  • 17 May 2010 QueenBee said


    Yeah I’m going to Ireland first for a few nights, then in london for Christmas before contiki. Afterward I’m going to poland to see auchwitz and then off to finland and an overnight cruise to Sweden.flying home to melb from there on the 28th Jan. Where u from?been to Europe before??

  • 17 May 2010 Matt said


    wow.. that quite a trip, Auchwitz is somewhere i really want to go too, but il be doing that another time. im from kingaroy,just north east of brisbane, and no i have never been to europe before. i actually have never been out of Australia before, so im pretty much diving in the deep end i guess Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 17 May 2010 Georgie Elizabeth said


    If I go on the 26th I’d be turning 19 on the tour, which would be fun I guess, maybe i will go on the 26th instead of the 22nd.
    wow matt you really are diving into the deep end, but it will be great, have you ever skied before?



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