European Adventurer VS European Contrasts

10 Nov 2008 Redxd said

Ok i really need some help here.<BR><BR>I have been able to get 7 weeks of work, which i am stoked about. <BR>I am planning on going on either the Adventurer or Contrast in May next year.<BR><BR>I have been reading all the forums and people have been saying that both tours are great but i cannot for the life of me decide which one to go on.<BR>I have been going over the differences for both tours but still cannot decide.<BR><BR>Any Suggestions??<BR>HELP!!!!<BR><BR>BTW i'm from Perth Western Australia, So feel free to get in contact anyone going round then.
  • 10 Nov 2008 Chloethomson said


    I had the same choice you had… i went with the adventure because
    a) i wanted to see spain
    b)and mykonos
    c)there are 3 nights in paris (a place i really wanted to see)
    and d) you dont miss out on albania, dubrovnik ect..
    I figured for the price different, it was worth it to see all the extras…
    Im going on the june 26 adventure…

  • 11 Nov 2008 Redxd said



    I have made the hard decision and chosen the 37 Day tour.
    Leaving London on the 12th of May.
    Anyone else going on this tour don’t be afraid to say hi.

  • 12 Nov 2008 vlado said


    Contrast all the way its much better, lol

  • 12 Nov 2008 tAit said


    definately european adventurer..!!

    im booked in for the june 26th tour next year!!

  • 18 Nov 2008 Kirijane123 said


    i did the adventurer in sept this year… 37 days of my life!!! so much fun….everywhere we went was great…i loved it so much!



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