Air Fare!?!

25 Apr 2008 Sherbie Woo asked

Sherbie Woo
I haven't purchased my air fare yet because there was a chance my tour wouldn't be a GT. I was supposed to leave 6/19-7/2 for the Euro Discovery, but i just found out it was canceled <img src="" alt="Frowner" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::(--> Thankfully, it changed to June 20th. So my question is, do any of you know of a good/decent airline -it's going up by the minute, & i cannot afford to spend more than I have too. Thanks<BR><BR><A HREF="" TARGET=_blank><BR><IMG SRC=";10747;124/st/20080620/e/Euro+Discovery/dt/-2/k/d162/event.png"> <BR></A>
  • 26 Apr 2008 MJ said


    What I do before I book is look at the i also try the other smaller airlines to see if they have sales. If you don’t mind leaving at wierd very early times you can try

  • 27 Apr 2008 princess19 said


    ive been looking at last minute fares as well ( which are INSANE because of RIDICIOULSY high gas prices.. sorry i just had to throw that out there) and have noticed if you find a fare on Orbitz or something like that ( even the fares on sidestep) and all legs of the flight go through the same airline you can save a few $$ if you book it directly through the airline.



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