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Canada and the Rockies with Stampede July 9th 2011

8 Aug 2010 Brad1877 said

Hi all I doing this tour next year. Anyone else doing this tour?
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  • 11 Sep 2010 Danica Jane said


    Hi Brad,

    I am booking this trip on monday!

  • 13 Sep 2010 Brad1877 said


    Great to hear, someone else is coming. Where are you from?
    I’m From Melbourne, Australia
    Talk to you soon

  • 13 Sep 2010 Danica Jane said


    Yeah can’t wait to get into Vancouver!

    I’m from Sydney.
    Are you doing any other travelling whilst you are over there?

  • 19 Sep 2010 Prue_a said


    Hi Guys

    My little sister and I are also doing this tour!! We are from Melbourne and Northern Victoria, Aus. Looks like so far a few Aussies!

  • 20 Sep 2010 Brad1877 said


    I will probably be there a week before the tour to see an old school friend. I am also traveling down the coast with a friend after the tour.

    Good to Meet you Buffy, also in Melbourne.
    Most of the group will be Aussies.

  • 28 Sep 2010 Explorer1210647 said


    I will also be doing this… and yes I’m another Aussie from NSW!!! Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->

  • 8 Oct 2010 Danica Jane said


    Good to see a fair few aussies on this tour Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->

  • 14 Oct 2010 BigMal said


    I am also an aussie doing this trip. But looks like im the only one from Qld so far

  • 24 Oct 2010 Brad1877 said


    Hi all
    here is a link for the facebook group I have created. we can get to know each other a bit and if there are any questions you want answered one of us may know the answers
    FaceBook group
    see you there

  • 28 Oct 2010 Big Cog said


    Hey all
    Im doing this as part of the Grand Canadian tour. Also an Aussie from WA

  • 28 Oct 2010 Brad1877 said


    HI Big Cog
    This tour is is stand alone. The Grand Canadian with the Calgary stampede get to Vancouver on the 1st of July.
    This one starts on the 9th

  • 1 Nov 2010 Danica Jane said


    The Canada and the Rockies tour is actually a module of the Grand Canadian tour.

    The Grand Canadian starts on 1 July in New York and visits Boston, Quebec City, Montreal and Toronto before arriving in Vancouver the same day our tour starts.

    The tours join together in Vancouver and do the loop together.

  • 2 Nov 2010 Brad1877 said


    Yes I know it is part of the Grand Canadian. If you look at the tour dates for the this tour there is one that is just the Canada and the Rockies. I thought it was this tour but its the one that start on the 1st. I got the dates mixed up. My mistake.

  • 29 Nov 2010 Fi said


    Hi everyone, just booked this trip too. I’m from Sydney very excited, July cant come fast enough!

  • 5 Dec 2010 Brad1877 said


    Hi Fi, if you have face book click on the link posted above. there are a few others that have joined the group if you want to meet them.

  • 13 Dec 2010 Explorer1221894 said


    Hey! i have just booked on this trip….im so excited!!
    It looks like im in the minority been from the UK!! Oh well, im sure we will have lots of fun!

  • 13 Dec 2010 BrionyR said


    Heey i’m from Perth, just booked this tour also Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> I finish the Wild Western and then am heading to Van on the 6th…i’ve spent alot of time in Vancouver, if anyone is around before the tour and wants to hang out that would be awesome!

  • 14 Dec 2010 BigMal said


    Brad & 1 should be around from the 7th

  • 23 Dec 2010 Corkers said


    Hi everyone,

    My name’s Cory- I’ll be joining you guys in July and thought I’d introduce myself.

    From the States, living in Florida. This is my second tour with Contiki, the first to Europe in summer 2009.

    Nice to meet you all.

  • 4 Jan 2011 Becks83 said


    Hi all, looks like you have another couple of aussies from sydney coming on the tour.

    My brother and I have just booked Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->


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