First time down under!

14 Jun 2009 Irelandfan said

Hi everyone,

I am on the "contrast rock and reef" in July and it´s my first time in Australia. I hope some of you could help with some for me important questions. Thanks!
1. My flight takes 24 hours. Any special ideas what I can do all the time? I know there are films, music and I could sleep.
2. How can I get from the airport to my hotel in Potts point and how much does it cost?
3. What about the accomodation on the tour? I am a bit special with cleaness! How many people use one bathroom? Is it very noisy?
4. What about the meals? What´s the breakfast and the dinner like?
5. What about the weather? More things for warm or more for cold weather? Shall I bring open trecking shoes? How warm or cold ist the water on the east coast?
6. What about the lagguage? I have to buy a new suitcase anyway. How big may it be?
7. Can I put anywhere my injections in a fridge or anything cool, while we are on tour or in the accomodations?
8. Anything I should know on my first contiki tour outside of Europe?

You see I have no idea what it will be like to go on such a tour. For me it´s a big adventure, because I normaly spend my holidays in hotels or B&Bs.

If you can answer any of my questions, let me know, please! Thanks a lot!



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