Reefs and Rainforest tour!!!!!!!

1 Feb 2007 Rachipooh7 said

Hello!!! My friend and i are going to the Reefs and Rainforest Tour on June 28th, anyone have any comments on the tour? and anyplaces that we "have" to go see and "have" to do!!! any advice would be great!!<BR><BR>is anyone going on this date?<BR><BR>thanks rach
  • 27 Feb 2008 Anita said


    Hi Rach!

    I went on the Reefs and Rainforest tour 2 years ago and have the absolute time of my life!! Defiantly go on the overnight sailing option in the whitsundays it is WELL worth the money!! Also, try to do as many option excursions as you can! Have an amazing time!!

  • 3 Mar 2008 gracesc said


    Hey Rach; I did R&R last Feb and had an amazing time! For optionals, I would suggest doing the zip lines in port douglas ‘cause otherwise there’s nothing to do (hotel is literally in the middle of nowhere!) and white water rafting in cairns..i missed out on that one & regret it ‘cause it seemed like everyone in our group went. In surfer’s, I wish I had gone for surf lessons instead of sea kayaking, which would have been a total bust if we hadn’t had dolphins surface right by our kayaks! And the best advice I have for this tour: in fraser island, find a couple people & rent your own car to explore the island..i did the half day optional in fraser & wished we had more time at lake mackenzie & less time hiking through the woods. Send me a message if you want more thoughts on optionals, packing advice, etc. Hope this helps!

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