Travelling As A Couple

6 Jul 2009 Mich's Travels said

My boyfriend and I are hoping to do the Ultimate European with the greek island hopping option. <BR><BR>Just wandering if many couples usually go?<BR><BR>And what sort of budget per day we should allow?<BR><BR>Thanks guys!!
  • 6 Jul 2009 said


    No worries on traveling as a Couple, there are a number of threads regarding this around, from them it seems that it is rather random. Some tours end up with 5-10 couples, others like the one I was on end up with only 1.

    Saying this though I must also add. That one couple were the social centre of our group though, you shouldn’t worry about being excluded at all because you are with someone. However you may need to remind yourself to be open and push yourself a little in meeting people and not using your partner as a crutch.

    As far as money, generally suggested amount is around 75-100 Euro per person per day, with a couple I would say something around 150-175 euro could possibly work. I would still suggest you each budget 100 euro a day, then you at least have a buffer for things that may come up also.

  • 7 Jul 2009 tiny_dancer said


    Hey Mich,
    My boyfriend and I are booked to do the UE in August. ... Going with one other friend also. ...As Christoff said about the 100E a day budget will hopefully work. ... It is good with luggage weight though coz you can share some stuff.
    Hope this helps.



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