Want to give trip as collage graduation which one?

28 Apr 2006 LBE asked

OK,<BR>I am the parent and would like to find out which trip would be a good gift for my 23 yr old daughter?<BR>She is just finishing graduate school in accounting and has studied very hard.&nbsp; I want her to see some of the world and meet some interesting people.<BR>She is not a big party person but does have a drink.&nbsp; She needs to go in July and I need to be sure it does not get canceled.&nbsp; Her job starts in Sept.&nbsp;so July would be best.&nbsp; <BR>Please give advice on a good trip to see some interesting things that she will remember.&nbsp; party is not the priorty but I am mom.<BR><BR>Looking at the Discovery or Magic for July.&nbsp; Is there anyone else signed up?<BR>She is reluctant to go without knowing someone.<BR><BR>Thanks <BR>LBE
  • 5 May 2005 CONTIKIGIRL said


    My parents gave me the European Panorama tour for my grad gift this year. I am also going in July, by myself, and I am not a partier either. I’m 22. It’s a longer trip (30days), but I am really excited. It’s sounds like a great trip you hit lots of places, really diverse sounding.

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