Beaches and Reef start Sydney 3rd August 2014?!

21 Aug 2013 Flo asked


Hi there fellow travellers!!

So... finally decided on which tour to go on! Just contemplating the sailing option but I am etching towards this idea as it looks like fun! Anyone else thinking of going on this tour or heading on any others that start in Sydney on this date?

Look forward to hearing any responses/advice

Flo :) x

  • 16 May 2014 Gemma said


    Hi! Booked onto this tour!! Not sure if you did or not? I’ve created a Facebook group called Beaches and Reefs 3rd Aug 2014! Be sure to join!! x

  • 17 May 2014 Flo said


    Hi Gemma! Yes I booked onto this tour! So v excited!! Oh fab about the facebook group I tried looking for it but couldn’t find it? Feel free to add me, Flo Head :) I have found 7 other people who are on the same tour so I’ll ask them to join too :-) x x



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