Grand Southern - 23rd June 2014

22 Aug 2013 Adam asked


Hey everyone!
Is there anyone out there who is considering going on the Grand Southern on the 23rd of June 2014?
I know it's a long way off, but it'd be great to hear if people are! :)
Plus I'll be traveling solo for the first time ever and I'm a little nervous haha

  • 29 Oct 2013 Rebecca said


    Hi .. I’ve just placed a deposit on this tour for the same date! :) Also travelling solo, it’s my second contiki tour but first alone so a little nervous !! Have you booked yet?

  • 30 Oct 2013 Adam said


    Hey! Yep I booked it not too long ago. Playing the waiting game now is the hardest part haha. Also a little nervous about the solo thing but hopefully we’ll be right! Never been on contiki before but from what I’ve heard it’s pretty fun! So I’m really looking forward to it!

  • 18 Jan 2014 Sophia said


    Hey Adam :)
    I also booked the Grand southern tour and I’m still nervous too because i’m traverlling alone

  • 20 Jan 2014 Jack said


    Hey! Yeah im booked on this tour also, my 2nd Contiki. I went around the UK and Europe solo, you will all be fine and have the best time!



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