31 Jan 2010 Miggy01 asked

Hi Guys,<BR><BR>I'm about to finish my tertiary studies (hopefully forever) and I haven't been overseas in 5 years. I've previously done 2 contikis (a European explorer and a western highlights in North America).<BR><BR>Im interested in going to Hawaii to see the Volcanos, do some scuba, drinking etc... I was wondering if anyone has done the Hawaii Contiki? Theres a 3 or 5 day tour, though it just looks like accomodation on the website with no daily itinerary. <BR><BR>Ill be travelling solo this time.<BR><BR>My questions are...<BR><BR>Has anyone done the 3 or 5 day tour before? Was it worth it or would it have been better to organise something that wasnt a contiki?<BR><BR>Is it worthwhile going to Hawaii alone? <BR><BR>Do you have a group or something when on one of these? Im concerned about getting there and spending 2 weeks like the guy from castaway....<BR><BR>What is the conitki accomodation like?<BR><BR>Im guessing that there are daily activities that you sign up for everyday?<BR><BR>Is Hawaii more of a retiree holiday destination? Would I be better off going to Vegas/Europe to party?<BR><BR>I'd be going in June/July... Anyone know what the weather would be like?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR><BR>Mick



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