contiki going to oktoberfest?

19 Jun 2007 michelle20 asked

hey all, just had a look in the dates and rates part of the site at the European adventurer tour, it shows in the key a symbol which shows what tours will be in Munich for Oktoberfest, but i just noticed that none of the dates have the symbol next to the tours anymore but they did have when i booked the tour. I'm just hoping contiki isn't going to stuff us around and say we don't get to go anymore as i chose that date for that reason otherwise i would be over there right now in the warmer weather! Does anyone have any idea if the tours are still going to Oktoberfest and they have just forgotten to put the symbols in when they upgraded the site.
  • 19 Jun 2007 Matt said


    Oktoberfest runs from 22nd September – 7th October this year so the best way to figure it out is to work out what day you’ll be in Munich. If you’re there between these dates you can join in the festivities.

    I wouldn’t rely on the symbol too much as I purposefully booked a tour this year that had the symbol as well. It turns out however that when I checked the dates we don’t get into Munich until the 8th October – a day after the festival finishes. Looks like contiki had stuffed the dates up and its too late for me to change tours.
    Oh well, just hope you have more luck



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