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london to athens - 2009????

2 Oct 2008 Explorer1103167 asked

hey everyone!<BR><BR>just wondering if anyone else out there is thinking ahead and planning on doing this trip next year?<BR><BR>i'm looking at doing this one or the contrasts end of may / start of june!<BR>pretty excited!!!! <img src="" alt="Big Grin" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::D--><BR><BR>and also if anyone has done this trip before and has any advice/recs i would LOVE to hear it!!
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  • 16 Oct 2008 Mona_M said


    yea me and my two friends are planning on going on this trip around the same time as you lol

    hopefully we can talk more about it soon Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 18 Oct 2008 Explorer1103167 said


    oh yay! where abouts are yous from??
    i’ve just seen the dates have been released at long last!!!
    i’m thinking of going on june 3 or maybe the may 29 since that is guaranteed…

  • 20 Oct 2008 Nikki_88 said


    hi! i just booked my trip london to athens with the greek island hopping for the 29th april tour… anyone else doing this one as well? im so nervous but excited as well, if anyone has any tips or is going at this time also it would be great to hear from u! Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 20 Oct 2008 Mona_M said


    we are from Canada… Edmonton, Alberta to be exact how about u??

    I’ve been waiting for the dates to be released forever lol. But we are looking for a guaranteed date so i think we are going to book it for may 29. But we are not going to book till January, do you think that’s too late?

    Hey Nikki_88 april is really early are u in school right now? I’m also excited about this trip! Did u book through contiki or you local travel agency?

  • 20 Oct 2008 Explorer1103167 said


    oh wow, well i’m on the other side of the world.. in australia – gold coast.
    i’m not planning on booking til probably dec or jan tooo…have to make sure i can actually save enough ahhh. so hopefully it isn’t too late to book!! you would think not still being like 6 months in advance?? well hopefully hah
    are yous doing any other travelling before or after?

  • 21 Oct 2008 Nikki_88 said


    Im from newcastle in australia and ill be 21 when i go, april just seemed like to right time for me to go and get away Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> i booked thru my travel agent….im thinking to go back to london after the tour and maybe work or just hang out for a while Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> havent decided yet….

  • 22 Oct 2008 Mona_M said


    yea i’m hoping to save up enough money by then too.

    i want to come to london a couple of days before the tour cuz we dont get to spend that much time there. Oh and i might (if i have enough money) go to a few other place in europe like switzerland, sweden, and norway. Okay wow i’m getting a bit ahead of myself Razzer<!--graemlin::p-->

    has anyone bought the new 2009 contiki europe broucher?? i dont even know if its out yet Frowner<!--graemlin::(-->

    i hope more people who are planning on going come on here Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->

  • 24 Oct 2008 Explorer1103167 said


    yeah i’ll definitely go to london a few days before too! and hopefully some more travelling after.. ahhh im a bit like u.. i want to go EVERYWHERE!!! its going to be so great!

    i haven’t gotten the new brochure yet.. i ordered one online ages ago but it still hasnt comeFrowner<!--graemlin::(-->

    yeahhhhhhh i hope more people come on here too!!! its so good to be able to talk to people before hand.. im bit scared specially going by myself!!!

    if anyone out there is thinking of doing london to athens come talk Big Grin<!--graemlin::D--> Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->

  • 25 Oct 2008 Brindabella said


    I’m thinking of doing this tour too, and can’t decide if I want to do this one or Escapade! I can’t decide!! Either way I was thinking of going mid to late April..anyone elsE?

  • 28 Oct 2008 inorbit said


    I was thinking of doing the 46 day camping trip but my sister kind of brought to my attention that i have a bad back and after 2 weeks camping i tend to whinge abit… soooo with this in mind i have now changed my plans so as I will be doing the London to Athens then having a couple of days break in greece before touring back to london with the 25 day camping group. Thinking around August – Sept though so maybe a little late for you guys… but anyway, what do you think of the idea? I want to run it by someone who isn’t the travel agent trying to get commission, and not family cuz they aren’t really interest and therefore not that helpful. I’ll be almost 20 on the trip, have my 20th in London hopefully! From the sunny coast way in QLD. Any suggestions would be awesome! And if you wanna do the same thing even better! I hate the idea of being a solo traveller and not knowing anyone… but I’m soo excited none the less!

  • 28 Oct 2008 cla_rah88 said


    To anyone who has booked this one, how much are you planning to take in spening money? I really want to do the London to Athens with Greek Island Hopping on April 29, but flights + tour is $7,500 so I need a rough idea of spending money for the last few months saving!! Thanks!!

  • 29 Oct 2008 Brindabella said


    I just booked the London to Athens tour which starts on April 26 today! SO I’m definite for that one…anyone else?

    I have heard that $50 Australian is good per day on the tours, but this info may be old (I’ve been researching doing Contiki for years!) or may plain just be not enough. Maybe $100 a day Australian?

  • 29 Oct 2008 Mona_M said


    Have u guys checked out this person’s travelogues? It’s a really good and she talks about everything!!!

    She took $1500 in spending money with her. But i might take a bit more cuz i want to do more shopping in places like london and paris… cant wait!! Big Grin<!--graemlin::D-->
  • 4 Nov 2008 Explorer1103167 said


    ooooooh reading her blog makes me so so so excited!!! i cant wait for greece & paris.. and everywhere! haha shall be amazing!

    i have heard $100 a day too… is that including optionals tho? or add them on top of that?

  • 5 Nov 2008 Brindabella said


    I think it’s probably including optionals. My friend did a concept tour just this year and I asked her how muhc I should allow and she said 500 euros if I want to do almost all the optionals. So that’d be like part of your 100 australian dollars a day if you know what i mean…but not everyday will you be doing an optional excursion.

  • 5 Nov 2008 inorbit said


    I have heard $100 a day excluding optionals. I have $980 for my optionals saved (Which I found on the contiki site under optionals for my tour and just added em together plus a few spare $$) And then I have made a budget of $20 a day for food (lunches) and a total of $500 max for drinks. Plus about $1000 for souvenirs … $200 for accommodation before and after my tour and then a spare $150 or so for dinners incase I fall short but thats on the credit card and only as a back up. so i guess for a 46day tour i am taking about $3750. which i think should be sufficient enough for 22 countries.

    Just read the travelogues… I don’t drink alot either and remember we have to convert it into euros and pounds which we will automatically lose half on, and stuff is more expensive over there too. It’s better to budget more then not enough… and if you have some left over, why not have an extended holiday or do something you haven’t done before at the end of your trip (like skydiving or such?)

    Thats just my 2 cents…. no matter how much you take you will have a fantastic time im sure of it!

  • 5 Nov 2008 <3Ali<3 said


    Hey I’m doing this trip on July 3rd. Just booked it today! I’m so excited. Anyone else going on the same date?

  • 7 Nov 2008 Nikki_88 said


    hi cla_rah88, im doing the exact same tour as you! lonon to athens w greek island hopping leaving on apr 29th!! im so excited its all booked so no backing out now, im a bit nervous going by myself but oh well, it will b an adventure….yeah im not sure how much money to put away either. Im thinking at least $1500 for spending money, prob even $2000 knowing my shopping Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> lol where r u from ?

  • 14 Nov 2008 hkislanko said


    A friend and I booked this tour yesterday along with greek island hoping!!

    We leave on a guaranteed departure, May 08 2009

    I cant even imagine how awesome its going to be

  • 16 Nov 2008 =sim-sim= said


    Hey Everyone Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    I have booked my London to Athens trip + Greek Island Hopping.

    The tour i chose departs London on 5 July 2009! Who else is on this tour?

    I will be in London on 1 July 2009! Im so pumped! i have been reading peoples travel diaries and watching YouTube videos! Its going to be insane!!!

    Im still confused about how much spending money i will need! As i am doing an extra 2 weeks in Lebanon after the tour finishes in Athens.

    Ive posted a discussion for the date of July 5, 2009 so if your going on that tour, join the group so we can all meet each other.


    Simon Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

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