discount designer shopping

30 Oct 2008 lexi said

I am interesting in picking up some genuine designer gear but i have heard there are places like discount outlets in NY that sell it for cheap as there is something wrong with it like a button missing etc is that true or is it all knock offs??
  • 31 Oct 2008 gig08 said


    Ah! It’s finally letting me post Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

    You should go to a store called Century 21 (located across from the World Trade Center Site) to pick up some genuine stuff! There is nothing wrong with it, you’ll just have to budget some time to look through things- it’s a little overwhelming at first b/c there’s so many things… but hopefully you can find what you want there. Good Luck!

  • 1 Nov 2008 lexi said


    your having trouble with this site as well?? stupid upgrade is crap. thanks for the advice i will most definately be going there



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