Hearing shady things about Contiki

20 Jul 2007 trashywilma said

I've been doing research on Contiki and want to validate some things before paying A LOT of money.

1. The air conditioning system on the buses causes everybody to get sick.

2. Bus drivers get lost consistently.

3. Hotel rooms are awful because Contiki has pretty much run itself out of any decent ones due to their party image.

4. Most people want to make friends and get drunk, not see Europe.

5. Buses are located outside of the city to force you to do optionals.

6. And this is my biggest concern: After paying lots of money, you are told on day 1 not to BMW: *****, Moan, or Whine because the advertisements about how the trip would be were a lie.

I'm concerned now. I went to Epinions and 70% of the reviews were negative. Any truth to anything?



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