North by North East June 26-July 8 09

8 Jan 2009 Stephanie said

I was wondering if you do any stops in Maine on the way through like Bangor (Stephen King), and I really want to try some of this Maine lobster I keep reading about. Do you actually stop in Newport when you leave New York of just drive through.<BR><BR>Also, how did people find the locals in Quebec? I am a little worried not speaking anything but very basic French!!
  • 8 Jan 2009 Pervy said


    Hi when I did this tour we stopped in Rhode Island for lunch,I think it was Newport(99%). We had two hours there.
    Plus the people in Quebec are fantastic. Our tour went out as a group to the clubs and I misplaced everyone from the tour(might have has a few) but I got talking to a guy with no french on my part and very broken english from him. He took me to meet his sister who was learning english and I spent the rest of the night with them buying me my drinks. One of the best nights out I had.

  • 29 Jan 2009 Explorer1081836 said


    hey! im doing this tour 26jun! We do stop in Newport and I have met some ppl in Quebec and I believe that most speak English anyway!!


  • 30 Jan 2009 Stephanie said


    Hey Madi

    Where are you from? I am so looking forward to the trip. We are doing the NY Explorer first so we get to see some of New York. Only 4 1/2 months to go!!!



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