Where to stay in London?

26 Jun 2007 ~*Alex*~ asked

I'm looking for somewhere cheap to stay in London that is in a good location. Generator Hostel is too expensive. There's another, cheaper hostel in Camden, but i'm not sure if this is in an out of the way area...<BR><BR>I would like to be fairly close to whatever area the clubs/ nightlife are in...or at least easy to get to (tube/ bus)...<BR><BR>Any info/ advice would be HUGELY appreciated! Thanks
  • 26 Jun 2007 aroundthe said


    try you can find hostels in London, what they’re near, prices, plus you’ll be able to book it with them.

  • 7 Jul 2007 Minh said


    try with this:

    Camden is about 20-30 minutes to the city centre

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