25 Jul 2008 Erin1104 said

Hi i am doing the grand southern in Jan 09 and i just want some advice on what to pack and what those who have been wish they packed.<BR>Any advice would be great<BR>Thanks Erin.
  • 27 Jul 2008 PinaI said


    January – winter – layers!

    Take some long sleeve thermal tops you can put underneath your clothes and maybe one pair of thermal bottoms, just in case you cop a really, really cold day.

    Other than that, two pairs of jeans to wear while you’re walking around, a pair of trackies for bus days and for really cold days (jeans absorb the cold so either out thermals underneath or wear tracksuit pants), maybe another pair of going out pants or something you want to wear on dinner nights.

    About 5-8 tops you can alternate – long sleeve and short sleeve so that you can mix and match. Take something you can dress up/down too for going out nights.

    A good jumper and a wet weather jacket/poncho will help too.

    Sneakers and another pair of comfy walking shoes and maybe some ballet pumps for going out nights.

    That should do it really!



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