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European Highlights--Can someone explain to me the accomodations?

4 Jan 2007 scouzer asked

14 nights accommodation - 1 night in a Contiki Special Stopover, 8 nights in Contiki Villages, 4 nights in hotels<BR><BR>What are these code words? I do not understand.<BR><BR>This will be for my girlfriend and I. <BR><BR>Do we get showers? How many people share rooms? <BR><BR>Should we go less days <img src="" alt="Frowner" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::(--> on a superior trip for privacy?
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  • 5 Jan 2007 Sarah Smiles said


    Hi Scouzer –
    If you want this to be a “romantic” trip with your girlfriend then you should book a Superior (hotel) tour so that you are guaranteed to have your own private room every night.
    On the Budget (cabin) tours, you stay in some hotels, some cabins at Contiki campgrounds and some special accomodations such as the Chateau in France (which is kinda like a hotel but the bathrooms are down the hall and shared). At the Contiki campgrounds where you stay in cabins, they are usually 4 to a room and have same-sex roommates – they also have shared bathrooms, sometimes in seperate buildings that you have to walk to. You will always have a shower but it may be dorm style. I am sure that they accommodate couples when possible but if you have a full bus, it may not be possible for you two to stay together every night.
    I hope that helps answer your question.
    Happy Travels!
    P.S. I just went on the European Magic tour (Superior tour) with my fiance in September. It was very short but we still had a great time!

  • 5 Jan 2007 scouzer said


    Well that’s disconcerting. I did not realize we would not even be able to sleep together most of the time.

    I guess superior is the only choice really…

  • 5 Jan 2007 scouzer said


    …and it’s too expensive.

    Guess the whole idea is out…lol…sucks.

  • 5 Jan 2007 scouzer said


    Do the communnal showers have walls?

  • 5 Jan 2007 Sarah Smiles said


    I have not personally experienced the communnal showers at the campgrounds, but I am pretty sure that there are some type of walls or seperation between the stalls. I did stay at one hotel on a previous tour that was very old and had bathrooms only at the end of the hall. It had a door that you could lock so you had some privacy.
    Don’t give up! It is an amazing experience and Contiki is a great way to go! There are a lot of ways to save money with Contiki.
    You can do a shorter trip like the Euro Magic.
    You can book early and pay early to receive a discount (amount depends on what tour you do).
    If you and your girl can get another couple to book with you for a total of 4 people, you can all get 5% off.

  • 6 Jan 2007 North06 said


    Hey, the showers are totally private!!! Do not worry. The have FULL walls (obviously not all to the ceiling – but high walls) with lockable doors. I went on the European Highlights tour – the one you’re look at – and the shower facilities were fine everywhere apart from the Contiki owned and run Chateau (which I thought was interesting). The state of the bathrooms were disgusting!! But take rubber thongs and you’ll be fine. All of the campgroud showers were very good – and they were all free even!

    We had heaps of couples on our tour – and only once did one couple get split up – and that was because a very un socialable brother and sister couple wouldn’t split. I mean seriously – if you are looking for a ‘romantic holiday’ – what are you even looking at Contiki for??? You go on Contiki to have fun – see beautiful countries and meet lots of people. You should do it. You’ll have a great time!

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