I am sad!

18 Apr 2008 Thidz said

I am feeling really sad today! I've been looking forwarnd to my trip EUropean vista 9th June 2008 and my travel agent told me that they had problem with the visa (for non australian passport holder) as it won't be done until June the 30th. It wasn't even my fault, I've been asking them since begining of the year that I want to get the visa ready but they said not to worry as there's still "plenty of time ahead" and now they turned around and said this. now i'll have to organise annual leave for next year, as this year is fully booked. if i pospond i will loose money..maybe all the money on my air ticket. My hard earned money will be gone. Has any1 ever have this problem before? I need some advice!
  • 18 Apr 2008 CherrySA said


    What nationality is your passport!!! this is terrible!!!!! I can just imagine how let down you are feeling!!!! IS there no way they can make the process quicker? Can you not go to the european embassy yourself? Even is Africa where we work on africa time it doesnt take that long! Hope you can sort it out!

  • 18 Apr 2008 Thidz said


    I am actually holding an “Australian passport” but my husband got an oversea passport. I’ve asked them if there’s any chance they can process it quicker even if I have to pay extra, but they said not much hope. I’m really disapointed right now, I’ve been counting down the day until i travel, and this happened. Frowner<!--graemlin::(-->

  • 18 Apr 2008 Jess-ade said


    Hey have you tried speaking to a different travel agent? Try also speaking directly with the passport people yourselves. Hope you can make it work, I know I’d be devastated if I was in your situation.

  • 18 Apr 2008 Thidz said


    I basically worked my a** off to pay for the trip and I went through alot of hassle requesting leave from work, and I deferred Uni. just so I can go for a “trip of a life time” this June.
    Thanks guys, I will go and speak to the consulate myself. If I have to pospond my trip, will contiki charge me anything?

  • 18 Apr 2008 Lolli358 said


    If you think it is your travel agent’s fault, try to get some form of compensation. My travel agent forgot to pay Contiki so my spot was cancelled. I had booked 4 months in advance and found out a few weeks before my trip. Luckily I was able to go on the tour departing a week earlier, but they paid the $200 to change my flight and they paid for a $860 Check Out London package.

  • 18 Apr 2008 MJ said


    I would call contiki directly talk to a supervisor at Contiki have them talk to your travel agent and make sure you are sitting in that travel agents office on a speaker phone or a 3 way of sorts. Your travel agent also should have a supervisor as well talk to them or their main office.

    Thats just horrible that they sat on their butts this whole time and did that to you. Make sure you write down notes on all your converations with your travel agent and the dates and times. Thats just aweful! Frowner<!--graemlin::(-->

  • 18 Apr 2008 Thidz said


    Thanks guy for the advice. Basically it’s my travel agent’s fault. She thought that it only takes 4 weeks to get all the paper works done, when it’s not. I’ve been nagging her since January this year to get all the visa done, but she said “not to worry, as we still have plenty of time”. and look what happened now? She was apologetic enough but still, it doesn’t help at all.

  • 18 Apr 2008 Dale_1986 said


    i would be mad if that happened to me. is there no way you can get a temporary visa or get it fast tracked? there would have to be a way to bypass all the red tape rubbish.

  • 18 Apr 2008 slock31 said


    I work with travel agents as part of my job and this doesn’t really surprise me.

    I dont mean to offend anyone but some ive dealt aren’t the brightest crayon in box. But im sure you would get that in any job in any industry so i shouldn’t slander.

  • 18 Apr 2008 bec said


    that really, really sucks. my advice would be to get angry and make sure you are noticed…they are more likely to do something if you kick up a fuss, and maybe ask to deal with the manager of that particular travel agency
    good luck

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