18 Jan 2007 Bree 24aus said

Hi!<BR>booked for euro adventurer today 12th june!!<BR>so this is a bit of a girl question, or for those that are a bit health conscious ..<BR><BR>Is there any time at all during the tour for exercise/walks/jogs??<BR><BR>Also,<BR>what's the food provided like??<BR>i luurvve my food, but have to admit i'm kinda fussy when it comes to unhealthy food - especially for simple meals like breakfast.<BR>do they provide simple cereals...<BR>and do they have skim milk?!<BR><BR>(i know i sound like an idiot here but i hate gross creamy full cream milk!!)<BR><BR>anyway, enough of embarassing myself!<BR>i think i'l take a few suplies with me - vegemite, skim milk powder!

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