Discrimination In Europe Against Brown People?

31 Mar 2007 Curtis71 asked

I will be touring in Europe this summer and I was wondering if anyone can say anything about potential discrimination against people who might be mistaken for "terrorists" and similar.<BR><BR>My cousin who was living in the UK actually left the country because he couldn't stand the discrimination any longer. Even city busses would not stop for him and he could not enter a pub without it immediately falling silent. Though he <B>really</B> looks like a stereotypical "terrorist."<BR><BR>So I am kind of worried because I have brown skin and my family has definitely had bad experiences because of that with the US border people. Though I shaved my facial hair so I look a lot less "terrorist-like" now, and I don't wear a turban.<BR><BR>Is it that bad in Europe? Has anyone seen/experienced problems or discrimination because the person looks like they might be a "terrorist"?



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