13 Mar 2008 Trent said

Hi all,<BR><BR>I realise this topic is probably in many other forums on this site but oh well.<BR><BR>What do people do for money on contiki trips. I'm going on the 46 day camping trip all over the place and i was just wondering what everyone does/plans on doing by way of accessing their funds. Like i have a credit and a debit card but will that surfice? what about travellers cheques, does anybody get those these days? And also is anyone getting money in certain currencies before they leave on the tour or just hoping they can just get it out when they get there? <BR><BR>Thanks heaps,<BR>Trent
  • 13 Mar 2008 Mick said


    Trent, I’m going to be doing the 46 day camping tour in August. For money, i’m going to take a Travelex Cash Passport which is like a visa cash card which you load up with your own money. You can use it anywhere a Visa card is accepted. Cash out at ATMs and electronic purchases. You can get them from your travel agent or your bank. When you first get it, you have to put some money on it as a part activating it. Then to add more funds to it, you use Bpay. The good thing with it is that it is not attached to any of your own bank accounts and you get two cards. One main one and a back up.
    On top of the cash passport, i’m going to take a credit card as a very last minute backup.



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