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Yep, another question...

21 Apr 2008 Lauren87 said

How much did you suitcase weigh BEFORE you started packing, and AFTER you finished packing...<BR><BR>Just wondering because the suitcases we have weigh around 5kg without anything in them, and worried that they weigh too much...I have started a packing list and am shocked at all the stuff I will need, surely this will go way way over the 20kg (and we cant take 20kg as we are doing 3 tours plus wanna buy stuff). Have a squiz and tell me what you think <img src="" alt="Smiler" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::)--><BR><BR>Hand Sanitizer<BR>Tissues<BR>Insect Repellant<BR>Sunscreen<BR>Blood Circulation Socks/Stockings<BR>Journal<BR>Pen<BR>Europe Adaptor<BR>UK Adaptor<BR>Deodorant<BR>Moisturiser<BR>Make-Up <BR>Hairbrush<BR>Toothbrush<BR>Floss<BR>Toothpaste<BR>Shampoo<BR>Bodywash<BR>Poncho<BR>Mini Umbrella<BR>Pajamas<BR>Bikini<BR>Alarm Clock<BR>1 x Pair of Sneakers<BR>1 x Pair of Thongs<BR>1 x Pair of Going Out Shoes<BR>Razor & Blades<BR>1 x Thin Towel<BR>Digital Camera<BR>Video Camera<BR>Re-Chargeable Batteries<BR>Video Camera Batteries<BR>Memory Cards<BR>Disks<BR>Hat <BR>Sunnies<BR>Mini Clothesline<BR>Bandaids<BR>Panadol<BR>Cold & Flu Tablets<BR>Any Other Medications<BR>Plastic Bags<BR>Toiletry Bag<BR>2 x Jeans<BR>1 x Trackies<BR>1 x Cargo Three Quarter Pants<BR>1 x Three Quarter Jeans<BR>2 x Dresses<BR>3 x T-Shirts<BR>1 x Singlet Top<BR>1 x Boardies<BR>1 x Jacket<BR>2 x Dressy Tops<BR>1 x Black Three Quarter Pants<BR> x Socks<BR> x Underwear<BR> x Bra's<BR><BR><BR>Is this too much, or should I be taking less clothes than that? It's just so hard as I am doing 3 tours...Cheers in advance for your help <img src="" alt="Smiler" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::)--><BR><BR>(Oh and video & digital camera can be in our carry on...and my fiance & I will obviously be able to share a few things, like just take 1 umbrella between us, one toothpaste etc)
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  • 21 Apr 2008 Jess-ade said


    Hi Lauren

    I’m glad you posted this list – has basically everything I want on it too (haven’t compiled mine yet though). The only thing that seems that may be worth of reconsideration is your 6 pairs of bottoms. There’s the chance you might buy some sort of bottoms while you’re over there anyway. Other than that it looks like you have the bare bones!

    There’s quite a lot there that you and your fiance can share (as I will be doing with my boyfriend). Have you actually done a test-pack? It’s probably the best way to guage whether you have enough or too much.


  • 22 Apr 2008 Katiebee said


    Which tour are you going on Lauren? As I went on a concept tour (staying in hotels)- European Discovery and was for 12 days – this is my advice on what to take -
    Towel – if you are on a hotel tour, you will not need a towel, me and my husband dragged 2 around and never used them, ended up throwing them out.
    If on a hotel tour then you always get a towel provided – they don’t provide face cloths though, so if you like to take off makeup/wash face then bring one of these.
    Insect Repellant – depending on the time of year you are going, I took some and never used it. I went in March/April.
    Sunscreen – same thing, never used it march/april
    Umbrella – didn’t take one, only needed one in rome which you can buy them off the hawkers for 2 euro, only used it for one day, thats the only day we needed it
    Cold and Flu tablets – everyone got sick on about day 2, it doesn’t take long to get through everyone on the bus, you can buy them on the road, but they are not that heavy to just take your own.
    Underwear – we didn’t get to do any washing for the whole 12 days, so i was constantly washing underwear, took about 6 pairs – wish i had of taken one for every day i was on contiki!
    Jeans – depending on season you are away, if its only a short time you prob only need 1 pair of jeans and 1 pair of shorts (then something maybe more comfortable for the bus if you want), i wore the same pair of shorts for the whole 12 days, i didn’t take any pants, just wore tights under shorts when it was cold.

    Hope this is helpful, you know how they say pack, and then halve what you took – this is very true, i thought i had packed light and still took too much. Me and my husband shared 1 suitcase that was just under 20kg. You will appreciate having a lighter suitcase as you have to lug everything around quite often you won’t be using an elevator. Although keep in mind that they are strict about their 20kg limit, but once you get on the bus that first time your limit can go up to anything and it doesn’t matter. They don’t keep weighing your suitcase everyday.

  • 22 Apr 2008 Lauren87 said


    Thanks for the replies!

    Jess – No haven’t done a test pack, but its probably a good idea too. My fiance & I can share heapsa stuff – like digital camera, video camera, memory cards, adaptors etc – obviously we will only take one of those sorts of things between us so that should lighten the load a little!

    Melsie – Thanks for your input!

    Katie – We are going on 3 tours (Egypt & the Nile, European Vista & the Eastern Road) thats why its so hard trying to figure out what to pack! We were going to take just one really thin towel between us just in case, do you think we will need it? Can always throw it out later. We are staying at Royal National in London, and the same hotels in Cairo & Berlin as the tour stays at – will they also provide towels? Do they provide soap, shampoo etc?

    We are going in August & Sept…So Egypt will be HOT HOT HOT, and some parts of Europe will be pretty warm like Italy & France, but then when we head to Poland, Hungary etc in Sept it may get a little cooler I’m thinking…

    Thanks again for all your advice!
    Anyone else got any more?

  • 22 Apr 2008 Katiebee said


    All the hotels we went to provided towels and soap always – we didn’t go to egypt though – but surely this would be all hotels worldwide!!?? You would hope anyway!
    Like i said i just wore shorts, and tights underneath when it got colder with leg warmers when it was real cold! But of course this is not everyones style, i never wear pants/jeans, thats why i didn’t take any.
    My husband only took 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair nice pants.
    Just make the man pack light so you can take more!

  • 26 Jan 2011 Cassie said


    where are u guys getting your suitcases? i suggest sell the ones you have and go to an outlet shopping centre. i found a few this way around 3 or 4kg for around $50 and one at 2.7kg at around $100 (sales woman said it should go down a little soon cos the new style’s coming out). honestly if u can sell ur old ones it’s much less stress about the weight limit

  • 12 Feb 2011 lady_o said


    some advice…a friend told me to buy cheap underwear and such to take on your trip, that way you can just throw it out after you use-thereby making more room for stuff! took her advice on the underwear and was SO glad I did, no need to wash.

  • 12 Feb 2011 cdm115 said


    I’m going to suggest not getting a cheap suitcase, it might way less, but it’s cheap it might break. If you’re flying, throwing it on and off a bus everyday it will take a beating and a cheap one might not last, especially if you’re on a longer tour.

    I also agree about the underwear, I’ll take some of my older underwear and throw it out along the way. It doesn’t make a lot of room, but then again how many time do you run out of suitcase space by A LOT?

  • 7 Mar 2011 JMN said


    You could actually buy disposable underwear. I think any mart do sell them 6 in 1 packet.

  • 7 Apr 2011 Matt 13 said


    Take a microfibre towel instaed of a normal one, can pick them up for like $10, theyre really small and can be packed away wet and wont go mouldy.

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