46 day campingggg. Hoping to go in late september early october?! anyone?!

8 Apr 2008 Jayde asked

Hay i was wanting to go september/october. depending on dates. it would be great to talk to a few people that are looking at doing the same thingg. =]
  • 9 Apr 2008 Mick said


    I’m booked to do the 46 day camping tour from 19 August to 3 October.

  • 9 Apr 2008 Serena! said


    im on the 19th too

  • 9 Apr 2008 Jayde said


    Oh really. welll i cant go on it till late september when i turn 18 =[

  • 9 Apr 2008 Mick said


    That’s nothing to be upset about Jayde. You should be excited and eagerly looking forward to your birthday. I garentee you’ll have a ball if you end up going on a contiki after your 18th.

  • 1 May 2008 Justo said


    Hey Mick, good to see more and more people are going on the 19th August Campin trip… I can’t wait and it’s my first time for travelling over seas and i’m flying solo, but going on tour with a friend from england. By the sounds of things you have been travelling before?? How much money roughly do you thing any one would need to have a good time on this tour? or if anyone could answer this question it would be great…. Thanks



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